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  • Democracy In The Middle East

    Before entering the course, I believed that democracy in the Middle East was a viable option but that, because of many cultural reasons, was not the best option for that region. Now, having taken this course and learned about the different aspects of Middle East governance, I do not think that democracy is a viable option at all. It is not the matter of democracy cannot succeed in the Middle East or anything like that, it is the matter of democracy not being properly suited for societies like those in the Middle East. The agenda of the United States to turn a lot of these nations into democracies has really gotten nowhere. I would say that they actually caused more problems in this region than actually solved during their quest for democratization.…

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  • Slavery In The Middle East

    constrained to European nations, perpetrated by European people. In actuality, slavery was far more global, occurring throughout the years and nations that have existed in our world. Slavery occurred within Africa itself; many tribes would take other tribe members as slaves that could be bought or sold. A significant amount of slavery occurred in Middle Eastern nations as well, in the Sahara, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean (Azumah).…

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  • Middle East Bombing

    Middle Eastern people are a threat to the United States because of the bombings and the oil it all should do based on the poverty and lack of understanding. Back in 1992 on December, first terrorist attack against Americans occurred in Yemen. When a bomb had erupted in a hotel used by U.S. military personnel involved in supporting the food for the people in to Somalia. Al-Qaeda launched a much deadlier attack in Yemen in October 2000 when it attacked the United States Ship Cole in the port of…

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  • Persecution In The Middle East

    1) . Christians are being killed and persecuted for their beliefs in many Middle Eastern countries. The people and the governments in the Middle East need to end the genocide occurring against Christians. The persecution of Christians in Middle East intensified when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was removed from power. According to the World Watch List, Iraq is the second most dangerous place for Christians due to ISIS jihadists (Open Doors 1). On March 19, 2003, the U.S., along with U.K.…

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  • Middle East Economy

    whole. In American popular culture, we generally tend to think of the Middle East an area of the world that is full of instability. If one were to look at all of the civil unrest they would come to that conclusion. The Middle East is much more than that, however. The civil unrest is just the top layer of a very complicated and intricate culture and area. If one were to look at the economics of the Middle East, they would see that one aspect of Middle Eastern society is indeed truly stable. To…

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  • Linkage In The Middle East

    When discussing the Middle East there are seemingly endless issues that arise including terrorism, oil, religion, modernity, and human rights. One of the most popular issues, especially for western countries, is how to create peace in this extremely volatile and often dangerous region. Wither looking at terrorism being fostered in Middle Eastern countries and then spread around the world or simply governments violently suppressing the people they govern, the western world has sought to…

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  • Women In The Middle East

    Introduction Women’s rights in the middle east is gaining more momentum now than it has in the past years. Reformation is the key to moving forward, but democracy still must change in order to enact and continue future progress for women. There are still heavy limitations on what women can and cannot do, which hinders progress, but sources say there is progress on the way. Women’s rights, and whether the United States can interfere, is the cornerstone of progress abroad. Governments are still…

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  • Jihad In The Middle East

    use arms’ if someone attacks you, use jihad to protect themselves… when the attacker stops, then they stop” (class notes). There was often a misconception about the meaning of Jihad that it only meant violence, however this was the minor meaning. The major meaning of jihad is an internal struggle. This goes all the way back to Mohammed Abdullah; the creator of Islam. Before this the Middle East was very separate and chaotic; Mohammed created a place for unity at the Ka’ba. This allowed Muslims…

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  • Middle East Issues

    The continuous entanglements with the Middle East that the United States has experienced throughout the past two decades have raised much controversy among the American people. As the wars and strife continue, many people have either grown bored and stopped discussing the issues regularly or have become disgusted with the American governments approach to the issue. With relatively few exceptions, it seems that the majority of American citizens wish to see out militaries interaction with the…

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  • Imperialism In The Middle East

    Introduction In 1914, the world was divided by power and who held it. In the Middle East that was the Ottoman Empire. An empire that expanded that ruled from Turkey and held control along the Arabian Peninsula. This region was as complicated as the western front with a multitude of players on a single field, with Germany, France, Britain, and the Arab tribes all vying for power and influence. Germany combined with the Ottoman Empire and the allies of Britain and France backing their support for…

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