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  • The Peace And Security Challenges In North Africa

    people in the Sahel region of Africa. As a result, the Sahel region is one of the poorest and most environmentally degraded and conflict affected areas of the world (European Union External Action Service). These natural and manmade problems in…

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  • Drinking Water North Africa

    What factors affect drinking water availability in North Africa and what can be done to improve the situation caused by these factors in North Africa? Report written by: Serge Shchesnyak Introduction. Conflicts over drinking water in North Africa have occurred since prehistoric times and are still going on today. These conflicts, such as the water conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, are fought over what we consider to be something that everyone has. Drinking water. The goal of this…

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  • Muslim Invasion Of North Africa Essay

    The invasion of Arabs in different countries in the seventh century had several impacts on the natives of the North African countries, and Spain. This paper will analyze how Arabs invaded various countries in the world, spreading Islamic religion and how people embrace the religion without much resistance. The reason Arabs conquered different empires with ease would be discussed in details. The invasion brought about the new religion of Islam, and customs that were new to the Berber tribes of…

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  • Effects Of Gender Inequality In The Middle East

    In the article“Gender Equality and Development in the Middle East and North Africa region” the World Bank Group states that “Laws designed to protect women restrict the hours they can work” and that “in many countries, women require the permission of their male guardian to work.”(2011). To clarify, even the opportunities of the women who achieve a degree are restricted by working laws that limit their work hours, or the permission of their male guardian (such as a father or husband). As…

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  • Media, Stereotypes, And Xenophobia Of Muslims In France

    is practiced by a group of people that is dominated, unprivileged and reduced to political silence.” Ever since the attacks on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in January of 2015, France has deemed itself incompatible with immigrants, particularly those who identify as Muslim or come from North Africa or the Middle East. Since the start of 2015 there have been more than 11 large-scale attacks affiliated with ISIS, causing greater cultural rifts and xenophobia in French communities. The…

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  • Eva Bellin Comparative Perspective Summary

    Democratization is not typically associated with the Middle East and North Africa. There are a variety of factors that can explain why this is the case. There is a lack or presence of civil society, the state controls the economy, the people are disadvantaged, the location of the Middle East and North Africa is disadvantageous for democracy, and the culture of the region can impact the government (Bellin 2004, 139-141). In The Robustness of Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Exceptionalism in…

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  • Paul Salopek

    Paul Salopek decided to walk across the world. He decided to do this for so many reasons. The main reason is because 60,000 years ago our ancestors took this pathway who first discovered our Earth. He explains that it is not just because they delivered us to the planet but because they “bequeathed us the sublest qualities and we now associate with being fully human”. They are the reason why we are here according to Paul. They walked the strait called “Bab el Mandeb”the gate of the grief. It is…

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  • The Pirenne Argument Analysis

    increase of Muslim invasions in the seventh and eighth centuries severed the unity of trade between the Western countries in the Mediterranean. This led to a steady decline of the Roman empire as it was unable to sustain itself through trade. There are differing opinions between modern historians as to the accuracy of the Pirenne thesis, with most historians arguing it is no longer a valid explanation for the demise of the Mediterranean trade route. Instead, historians choose to include other…

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  • The Importance Of The Internet In The Middle East

    System will bring competitiveness to businesses The Middle East region contains the Arabic peninsula, Cyprus, the states on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Iran in the north-east, and Egypt in the south-west. It really is a densely populated region that concentrates enormous material and human resources. Surfing from Internet site to Internet site I have found that Internetworking in the Middle East region has a well-established system which will hasten the diffusion of tradition in…

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  • Legitimacy In Leadership Research Paper

    and vulnerable to the economic instability – then their people might lose their belief in the ruler’s right to rule. The fall of Tunisia was one of the most Westernized and liberalized of all Arab countries, being the first to feel the effects of the mass protests (Cook). The impact of these protests ushered in a wave of political reforms that ended up leading to the downfall of authoritarian regimes across North Africa (Logan). The last two weeks of 2010 bore witness to the most dramatic wave…

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