Midtown Manhattan

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  • Descriptive Writing About A Restaurant

    truffles. We each took a turn trying new flavors. Through some trial and error, I found out that my favorite flavor is the cappuccino. We continued walking, and as we passed a roasted chestnut stand, I resisted the urge to sing lines from a christmas carol about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. My cousin and I stopped and bought a bag of chestnuts. When I tried to eat one, it rolled out of my hand and onto the sidewalk. I picked up another and this time it made it to my mouth. For having such a distinct scent, I was expecting a more flavorful taste. It also had a waxy texture that I wasn’t expecting from it. We continued walking down a street whose name I did not know, and soon we turned the corner to one of the recognizable places in Manhattan. While my house was out of power and my hometown was plunged into the middle of an ice storm, I was gazing up at the dazzling lights of Times Square. After a little walking around, some of my New York family headed home, leaving only my mother, father, sister and I. My sister dragged us into the Aeropostale store where the music playing was loud enough to give me a headache. I found a little corner on the second floor where the windows were all glass that was intended for looking out onto the street. I could see all of the blinking, flashing and moving lights and people in the square. As we exited back onto the street, I decided to visit the American Eagle store. I found a pair of socks adorned with a little snowflake pattern…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Sanctuary Night Club

    Atlanta is a large city that is made up of several smaller cities and separated by imagined communities labeled Midtown, West End, Five Points, and others. The skyline of Atlanta is slightly separated among each area, and all over the city mingle homeless individuals and general city-goers such as shoppers and workers. If you drive north from Downtown Atlanta, you will pass through Peachtree Hills, Garden Hills, and up into a community called Buckhead. Driving through the streets, the expensive…

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  • My Big Trip To New York City

    Splash! I jumped into each puddle making a new sound with every step. It was raining that achingly long day and instead of being with my friends on a saturday night, I had to deliver 103 pizzas around my home town. Instead of having fun hanging out with my friends I was lugging around heavy pizzas. Just so instead of going on my first big trip to New York City by myself, I get to go with my father. My boring, crabby, old father. Instead of having fun and laughing with my friends, I have to…

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  • Descriptive Essay On The Central Station

    I woke up to the sound of drizzling rain tapping on my window. To my surprise we were still going to have class, but I didn’t mind since Gotham was the only class I looked forward to all week. I got used to the feeling of waking up, getting coffee, and strolling all throughout Manhattan. As we walked out of Penn Station I knew summer was officially coming to an end because I could feel the cold air hitting my face. We took the train and headed to the Lower East Side, which is known to be fairly…

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  • Camryn Hoffman Declaration Of Independence Analysis

    Camryn Hoffman’s Declaration of Independence From Technology and Social Media If one were to walk down the streets of New York City, what would they see? They would most likely see an abundant amount of people texting, calling, or taking pictures while walking. They may even see a few drive by who are simultaneously completing a similar action. Our social world today survives off of technology and social media. Most people prefer texting rather than calling or talking in person as their main…

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  • The Subway Soiree Analysis

    Times Square is a cultural playground for people all over the world. It is one of the most culturally exquisite places in all of America. It can accommodate throngs of people of all types of ethnic backgrounds. There is no surprise why Times Square is nicknamed The Crossroad of the World. It is almost impossible to capture the atmosphere of such an eclectic city into a single word, phrase, or picture. Yet, artist Gregory Christie captures such tone like no other. Christie’s picture “The Subway…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Philadelphia

    When walking around the city of Philadelphia, the majority of advertisements focus around one word: Phillyosophy. A popular way of describing the comprehensive personality of Philly residents, Phillyosophy is often interpreted by locals as the unique attitude Philadelphians have due to the city’s defining characteristics like it’s rich history, welcoming cultural perspective, and passion for sports. Growing up in the shadow of this city, I’ve developed my own Phillyosophy over the years. Since…

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  • Roppongi Research Paper

    Roppongi is the district Minato, Tokyo, Japan, famous as home to the rich Roppongi Hills area and an active night club scene. Many foreign embassies are located in Roppongi, and the night life is popular with locals and foreigners alike. It is in the central part of Tokyo, south of Akasaka and north of Azabu. The area features numerous bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, restaurants, hostess clubs, cabarets, and other forms of entertainment. Among the expatriate community, the area tends to be…

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  • Gentrification In Urban Areas

    Between 1910 and 1920 African American population increased by sixty percent in New York City while the number of whites living in the area decreased.The White Landlords began to sell their properties to black before the prices began dropping. Blacks are not alone to be blamed for driving out white from Harlem partly because by the 1920s mass transportation created new residential areas like Flushing, Boro Park, and Riverdale. (Tritter,115). As an effect, from 1920s and 1930s 118792 white people…

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  • Street Eat Research Paper

    Street-Eats With roughly 23,000 residents, the 12 block deep and five block wide neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is considered to be one of the most convenient commuting neighborhoods outside of Manhattan. This is due to the fact that the neighborhood is located directly across from the East River of lower Manhattan. It was one of the first neighborhoods outside of Manhattan to be developed and settled. Originally referred to as Brooklyn Village, Brooklyn Heights has been a prominent and…

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