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  • Descriptive Essay: The Sanctuary Night Club

    Atlanta is a large city that is made up of several smaller cities and separated by imagined communities labeled Midtown, West End, Five Points, and others. The skyline of Atlanta is slightly separated among each area, and all over the city mingle homeless individuals and general city-goers such as shoppers and workers. If you drive north from Downtown Atlanta, you will pass through Peachtree Hills, Garden Hills, and up into a community called Buckhead. Driving through the streets, the expensive cars and houses depict the lives the people might live. Nestled in the Buckhead village is The Sanctuary Night Club. Previous to this, I was unsure as to what to expect of the club. The information I was able to glean about The Sanctuary Night Club was that it was a safe haven for Latinos and on Saturdays for the gay and lesbian demographic. Alfredo, the owner, was unable to give me information other than this and general instructions such as staying away from the bar and where my interviews should be conducted. The website showed only an image of a ritzy looking staircase. When my partner and I pulled up into the parking lot, we were able to recognize the building because of a red carpet and canopy. There were expensive looking vehicles in the parking lot, and we couldn’t see a ‘bouncer.’ Inside at the front desk…

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  • Essay On Luogenia Burns Hope

    steadfastly to rebuild black communities using grassroots politics and community ties. Hope was no stranger to hard work. From an early age, Hope worked full time at organizations like Hull House— a settlement organization founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr dedicated to providing European Immigrants with amenities such as daycare services, libraries, employment and education. Her infectious fervor, innovative thinking and strong leadership skills advanced the field of social work and…

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  • Essay On Unjust Impoverishment

    tried to save as much of his paycheck as he could. My dad felt the dark side of being a foreigner in America while working for Atlanta Marriott Marquis. He was a banquet server, but the supervisor did not like my dad and made him clean the toilets. He did not give my dad any cleaning tools, so he had to by a brush. When he began to clean the supervisor said to use your hands, so he took him to court and won for harassment. He eventually saved up enough money to buy a gas station, but in order to…

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  • Comparison Of Gentiva Health Services, Inc. And US

    Every day someone is looking for a job. Whether it is through a newspaper, friends, and family or online, it is hard to find a workplace. Not only is job searching hard, but deciding which company to work for is the most important decision of finding a job. Many look for a job in their professional field, but they do not consider the company’s background. Many do not ask about the basic salaries, benefits, and opportunities. Working for a company that is well established with great revenue,…

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  • A Consumers Republic Summary

    A Consumers Republic talks about mass suburbia with readings about the social and economic status that came with living in the suburbs. The chapter also speaks of keeping people of a certain economic or social class together in the late 1950s, while making sure not to let others in who could disrupt the white suburbia. Two major cities, Atlanta, Georgia and Compton, Los Angeles, were cities that both experienced “ White Flight” and the effects following soon after. In the 1950s, Compton was a…

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  • The Great Gatsby And Huck Finn: The Views Of The True American Dream

    What is the “true” American Dream? How can everyone achieve the American Dream? In past years, the U.S. has had many views upon the American Dream. Like most people in the United States, many have tried achieving the American Dream, but they do not quite know what it is. In the books that the sophomores were required to read, they showed many views of the American Dream. In Huck Finn, it showed that being free to do whatever was the American Dream. In the Great Gatsby, it showed that money is…

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  • Essay About The American Dream

    The American Dream is interpreted in many different ways. This dream is mostly associated with hard work, success, family and most importantly money. However, the big question is, is the “American Dream” a white picket fence? Or a 44th floor penthouse? Generations go through drastic changes, such as; the music they hear, the fashion they wear, the way they think, and the slang they use in their vocabulary. Can the American Dream be another generation change? If we look back into history, after…

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  • Mansfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: A Case Study

    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) officially opened on July 3, 1925, with two 1,500-foot dirt strips set at right angles, and has evolved into the busiest airport in the world today. The complexities that surround airside operations enable the airport to support current flight operations. At the same time, modern facility and system upgrades will boost efficiency and preserve its international ranking. First and foremost, in order for Hartsfield-Jackson to sustain the…

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  • Goin To Chicago Movie Analysis

    Concentrated disadvantage characterized as an indicator depicting the poverty in a specific area or region. The city of Atlanta has always been true to my heart since I have lived near Atlanta my whole life. I occasionally traveled to Atlanta to watch the Hawks play basketball. On the way home from the games, I would notice the numbers of people that stood on the side of the streets sleeping or asking for money. I never understood the whole concept of why such stuff happened in this part of…

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  • James Baldwin's Concept Of The Innocent Country

    views, and the way he casually (and constantly) addresses African Americans as ‘niggers’ is evidence to the vicious form of innocence Baldwin talks of. However, the creation of this innocence is because Mr. Head is from a southern rural area, which is hinted to possibly possess (prior remnants, or current) confederate ideologies. The text makes this apparent when he asserts how the last Negro was run out of ‘their’ country twelve years ago (107). The problematic allowance of rejecting, and…

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