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  • The Dominican Republic Democratization

    Dominican Republic historical stages of democratization To begin with, the main focus for this project is on Dominican Republic transition to its current political system, which is, representative democracy. The Dominican Republic has a fairly new constitution that was enacted in 2010 and it is composed of three different government branches. Similar to the United States, the three branches of government are legislature, execution, and judicial. The president is head of state and government, moreover, he is directly elected every 4 years but he cannot hold consecutive terms. The legislature branch made up from the senate and the chamber of deputies this is possible because it uses a bicameral congress. Additionally, the judicial system has…

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  • Transition Of The Dominican Republic

    were factors that hindered their transition as well. Mexico, one of the first Latino countries to send masses of migrants to the United States, and the Dominican Republic, one of the last, share many of these factors that have impacted their economic, cultural, and political lives in the United States including the level of influence on and communication with their home country, the geographic concentration of the immigrant communities, the stereotypes held by Americans towards the immigrants,…

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  • Effects Of Haitians In The Dominican Republic

    blame others for our problems? The Dominican Republic is blaming Haitians for their problems. They are blaming them for job loss and food loss. It seems like history is repeating itself. In 1937, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo did an ethnic cleansing and kicked out all the Haitians and dark-skinned Dominicans who did not know how to say the word “perejil.” Once again the Dominican Republic is hiding the cruel reality of a racist act by using excuses. Haitians should not be deported from the Dominican…

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  • The Importance Of Racism In The Dominican Republic

    I was born and raced in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic at list one member of each family has a family member that has immigrated to some part of the world. Our families immigrate in the search for better lives. In the Dominican Republic there is no such thing as ethnicity, or at least it is not important. Dominicans are not racist among each other; however, many discriminate against Haitians. Haitians often come to our island in the search for new opportunities; jobs, a place…

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  • The Importance Of Baseball In The Dominican Republic

    class in the Dominican Republic. These people were mostly small business owners and semi-skilled workers, although we didn’t get to meet any of neighbors. That night, a nice surprise, was food from a local pizza shop. As the next week started, I was initially nervous about working in the new country. Far out of the city, everyday we visited first a work site, soon to be a water treatment plant, and a vacation bible school. This was the second time I had been shocked by the landscape in the…

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  • Dominican Republic Annexation Analysis

    President Ulysses Grant, Samuel Howe, and Charles Sumner all partook in the planning of the Dominican Republic annexation, but all took slightly different stances on the issue. Annexation of this area was something that took time, planning, and the support of nearly everyone on board. Time and planning were a breeze, but the difficult part came into play when Grant and Howe were trying to convince everyone why annexation would be beneficial for their nation, and for Santo Domingo, but it simply…

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  • Climate In Dominican Republic Essay

    Climate—The Most Important Natural Resource? The Dominican Republic is a country that relies heavily on its climate year after year. One of the largest revenue producers in the country is tourism. In order for tourism to flourish and bring that large portion of revenue for the country, a nice predictable tropical climate is a must. Hiccups in the forecasted climate models, such as hurricanes and abnormal amounts of rainfall, cannot only lead to infrastructure devastation but also to the…

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  • The Dominican Culture And Women In The Dominican Republic

    used this twenty year period as a point of reference to blame Dominican problems on the Haitians. He often said that before the Haitian control of the Dominican Republic, the Dominicans were blond hair and blue eyed. Although Trujillo is no longer in office the feeling of “black as bad” is still present in the Dominican culture. This feeling is emphasized anytime Haiti is having problems. When Haiti is going through political and economical issues, the Dominican economy suffers. Tourism is…

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  • My Journey To The Dominican Republic

    the day and the palm trees blissfully moved back and forth on the alluring beach of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Admiring the peaceful waves as they ran across the shore, I checked my pockets and realized my phone was gone. I walked around the beach retracing my steps trying to find it. I couldn’t believe I had just arrived and had already lost one of my most valuable belongings. Walking back and forth as I probed through the gritty sand, I stumbled over something and dug my foot under the…

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  • Decolonization And Independence: The Dominican Republic

    Decolonization + Independence The Dominican Rebublic The tyrant Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina ousted the chose president of the Dominican Republic in 1930 and remained in power for the next thirty-one years. Trujillo could profit by a tide of hostile to American assessment, the result of the way that the U.S. Marines had possessed that nation in 1916 and, after their withdrawal in 1924, the U.S. powers held control of the Customs Department Until his destruction in 1961 Trujillo would advance…

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