Dominican Republic Argumentative Essay

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Isn’t it crazy that we automatically blame others for our problems? The Dominican Republic is blaming Haitians for their problems. They are blaming them for job loss and food loss. It seems like history is repeating itself. In 1937, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo did an ethnic cleansing and kicked out all the Haitians and dark-skinned Dominicans who did not know how to say the word “perejil.” Once again the Dominican Republic is hiding the cruel reality of a racist act by using excuses. Haitians should not be deported from the Dominican Republic because they are victims of ethnic cleansing, they have been working in the Dominican Republic for years, and they can be separated from their families. Haitians should not be deported from the Dominican …show more content…
Many have worked so hard, on the Dominican soil, to be able to support themselves and their families. Ruben Chery remarks, ( that many Haitians would work like slaves. “They worked like slaves in the cane fields, and they would never be asked to identify themselves,” he said. “They were just told to cut sugar canes and live near the fields if they pleased, and that’s what they did.” That proves that they were treated like slaves. Haitians have worked many years in sites of constructions and sugar cane fields. However, if a Haitian wanted to continue their education they would be asked or an I.D. and would not be able to continue without it. As stated in, ( “the Dominican’s economy, much like that of the United States, depends on migrant labor to fill jobs at the bottom of the wage scale.” Often times, Haitians would do the “dirty” work. There have been cases where Haitians would not get paid for their hard work, but they didn’t care because they felt safer in the Dominican Republic. Therelus Mettelus, a victim of discrimination in the Dominican Republic, says he recalls years of discrimination on the job. Once he was fired from a construction job after hurting his hand ( Haitians should be rewarded for their hard work, not

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