Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel Analysis

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In the world that we live in, there is often upsets in our lives and in the lives around us. Being that we are all a part of one society, everything that happens to one society happens to every other society as well. In the article, " The Earth is Cruel", by Leonard Pitts, he goes on to discuss all of the horrible things that occur in Haiti, and how they are still able to stand back up on their feet and move forward with their lives. In this article, I believe that there is one central theme that sticks out to me. The theme in this article "Sometimes the Earth is Cruel", happens to be faith. He explains how basically faith is what helps them stand back up on their feet, without having to say that faith is the reason why. He has a very clear way of expressing how the people of Haiti reacted to these disasters, how the type of relationship between the people and their home, and how the people deal with what has happened.

To begin, Pitts uses his theme of faith to describe how the people of Haiti reacted to the disasters that they have experienced. When people have experienced this
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He is not necessarily talking about the people in Haiti themselves but instead talking about the people from all around the world that are also affected by it. Pitts says in his article, "We are hamstrung by our own limitations, so we can only do what we always do, only send our prayers and help." He uses this quote in his article for the fact that he knows that the world will use their faith in God to help the people and atmosphere of Haiti. Even through all of the pain and misery and awful living conditions, the Haitian people continue with their lives and do what they do every day. They move on with their faith and do not dwell on what has happened because they know it will be okay. Faith is what the people in the world must have in order to move forward with their lives, and Pitts does a good job of explaining

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