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  • Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Analysis

    After the quality of the food is considered, the next logical thing to look at is how it is being served. The service is another important factor when eating out because it sets the stage of how the meal will go. If the employees are rude or disrespectful it will ruin the rest of the night because even after the issue is solved the customer will still be fuming after the encounter. On the other hand if the service is wonderful the customer can then focus on the quality of the food. It is already clear that Chick-fil-A’s food is excellent, so it is important to analyze their service to see if it is up to par with similar restaurants and if it is unique. When one walks into Chick-fil-A it is required for employees to seem “genuinely happy and ready to serve” (Uddin). Being greeted with a smile might not make everyone’s day better, but it does not hurt to do so. Also, Chick-fil-A is known for quirky sayings which are a part of the training of every employee, so “instead of ‘you’re welcome’ [they] say ‘my pleasure’ or ‘would you like a refill?’ is instead ‘may I refresh your beverage?’” (Uddin). This certainly differs from other fast food restaurants, but the biggest difference is in how the customer receives the food. Instead of waiting at the counter to pick up the food, it is instead delivered straight to the table. This can be very convenient and makes the whole dinner this then a hassle. Chick-fil-A also prides itself in giving fast and “second-mile service” which Uddin…

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  • I Was Never Like This Essay

    I was never like this. My views on life, or what I see when I look around me. It was never like this. I am who i am because of the trials and tribulations i believe i was meant to undergo. When i thought i was by myself, i felt as though i was suffocating with no one to pull me up from what i thought i would never recover from. when i was younger i was never religious. i was raised in a christian home, but i never acquired the true faith or beliefs that my parents had. I always felt as though i…

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  • Self Esteem Scale Analysis

    The first scale I chose was the self-esteem scale. After filling out this scale I believe that I was high on that particular trait. But, I feel like the scale did a reasonably good job in assessing the trait of self-esteem. The only reason why I personally believe that the scale did not do a great job in assessing the trait is because of a couple of the questions. For example, the fourth question asks “I seldom feel blue”. This question to me, does not relate to self-esteem. Seeing that…

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  • My Vacation To Florida

    My most memorable vacation was a trip to Florida with two of my best friends a few years ago. They were both moving halfway across the country soon, so we decided to splurge on one last trip together. We drove all the way to Florida from New York. It took nearly 24 hours of driving, but we finally made it. We visited Disney World, Universal Studios, and the beach because we had never been to any of those places before. Our vacation was filled with thrills, some disappointment, and ended on a…

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  • Brianna Harris Research Paper

    I chose Brianna Harris to write my thesis about because she was the only one with a younger child. Brianna Harris began cross dressing while he was married for 20 years at the time. When his wife found a pair of panties that did not belong to her is when Brianna's wife found out about the cross dressing. With her approval Brianna began cross dressing more in public and feeling more comfortable with living as a woman. He never said what his name was before the transition, but it might have been…

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  • Occupational Wellness

    Many people interpret “wellness” To be of only physical health. But in fact wellness can be defined as the pursuit and continued growth and balance in terms of the seven dimensions of wellness. Wellness is more than just physical activity. Wellness is integration of mental, spiritual well-being and physical. The quality of life is lead by these complex interactions. This program that I’ve created is intended for my family. First we will start off our Physical Wellness by establishing goals that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Identity Of Homosexual Women

    Being raised in a religious household you are taught that there’s only female or male. The gender that you are born with that is who you are. Although I was born into that environment and believe that marriage is between female and male I do not discriminate or judge those who think otherwise nor do I pressure them to change who they believe they are. As a heterosexual female I do have some disadvantages not just because I am a minority, but also because I am a woman. So, now I imagine what…

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  • Reflection On Creating The Creative Project And Presentation

    I have taken the class “Introduction of Theatre.” I was surprised that we all are required to do the creative project and presentation. The professor assigned every student to choose the topic relating to class materials and inspiring us as well. It was very hard to decide when I initially thought about it because there are many areas of theatre materials that are interesting. Throughout the whole paper, I would present the process and the significant reflection on creating the creative project…

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  • Seeing Is Believing Analysis

    Opening with David, the young protagonist, as he enters study of Professor Hobby, the blue fairy is nowhere to be found. Calling out in hopes of finding someone to help, David notices another boy, an exact copy of himself, reading a book. Moments pass as David is helplessly trying to comprehend how this child could be the “real” David when he is standing right there. Overwhelmed, David smashes the other boy to bits in a fit of hatred. This scene from A.I. leads me to wonder if John Keats is…

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  • Reflective Essay: My First Psychotherapy

    It is January of 2005, and I am on my way to Columbus for my first chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of last year. My two sons, Jeff and Jason are coming with me. Jeff driving, Jason sitting in the passenger seat and I 'm in the back seat of the 2002 GMC Envoy. I glance out the window and watch as we pass the Shoe. It is chilly outside and the winds were powerful on this winter day, snows covering the trees and the ground, it’s a beautiful sight of a winter wonderland.…

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