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  • Reflection On Senior Practicum

    impressed with Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab. I have learned a lot in six weeks about my agency and I know there is still more to learn as my journey at my agency continues. I did some brainstorming this week about what I want to do my research project on. It’s hard because there are so many different topics to write on especially when it comes to a substance abuse treatment center. I could do…

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  • Reflective Essay On Personal Identity

    our own good or self interest, when we understand the basic of ethical principles and guidelines it will assist us in making logical and appropriate decision instead of judging or using your opinion of who we are. Defining health is difficult. We need to consider many other areas when talking about health. I will say health is consider the relation to their values, personality and the lifestyle one lives. Age is individuals views, it’s vary among different age group. A few individuals pay…

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  • What Does It Mean To Be Mindless?

    when I lived in a world surrounded by a grey cloud that followed me everywhere I went. I was always haunted by an invisible timer that weighed down my shoulders. It would taunt me. Hanging up on the ceiling like a chandelier. It ticked and my eyes watered as the sounds of the ticking were amplified by my fears. In reality the ticking emulated the sounds of pennies dropping into pavement but in my mind it erupted like thunder. It rose with the sun one morning and refused to set. I tried looking…

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  • Heart Community Service

    For this project, I volunteered at Sacred Heart Community Center serving the poor in the community around me. I packaged food into bags to give out to those who needed it, then sorted clothes onto different racks in order to give out clothes to people who needed them the next day. This would allow them to focus on more important matters, such as paying for other necessities or trying to better their lives, and would help give them the same opportunities afforded to me. I picked this service…

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  • Importance Of Family In The Turning By Tim Winton

    Family is the most complex thing in the world. The mere definition of family is different for all people. For some, it is flesh and blood. For others, it’s those who they feel at home with. Every family has different issues, but some are easier to deal with than others. In The Turning Tim Winton explores the complexities of families through multiple stories spanning over many years and with different narration. Max and Frank Lang are two brothers who are two brothers who are not able to get over…

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  • Toni Morrison Speech Analysis

    American who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. She explained how everyone has a different story to make and tell; not everyone’s foot steps should be exactly the same. In her speech she said, “In short, the palm I was reading wasn’t yours, it was the splayed hand of my own generation and I know no generation has a complete…

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  • The Literate Arts

    What is inside of a person’s brain is truly a mystery. Many times, you look at a person and wonder what went so wrong up in their head that is causing them to say the things they say (an increasingly frequent thought, taking this election cycle into consideration). However, the fact remains that if a person keeps their mouth shut, there is no way for anyone to know their thoughts and ideas. This is where Miller poses a question: what might the literate arts be said to be good for? Can they…

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  • Personal Narrative: Something I Never Expect To See In College

    Her abdominal cavity was cut open, rib cage broken and splayed out so you could see the whole cavity. Her legs and arms were cut again to expose superficial veins, deep veins, arteries, and nerves. The organs were isolated and detached from her body. The heart was enlarged. A normal heart is about the size of a fist and this heart barely fit in two hands. Her lungs were beautiful for the eighty-year-old woman she was. They were still a bright pink with only a few black spots on them from…

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  • It Was A Different Day When They Killed The Pig Short Story

    João Ubaldo Ribeiro’s short story It Was a Different Day When They Killed the Pig is a significant flashback story from Alísio’s perspective. He recalls the moment he no longer remained as a child. The story starts off with an introduction about the day they kill the pig and how it usually starts on a sunny day. The kids are more lively and open while the adults are humbler and secretive. Aloísio sees the insides of the pig for the first time and struggles to not look away while having a poker…

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  • Orlando Narrative

    Truth Essay- The Time I Performed In Orlando This is a story about my trip to Orlando in May of this year. Before I begin, I will provide you with some background regarding how I ended up going there. From an early age, I have been interested in drama. I loved going to see plays, where alternate realities would form and come to life onstage, whisking the audience into a different world. It exhilarated me, and I wanted to be a part of it. However, I was not able to get involved in the…

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