A Good Day

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  • A Father's Day Tribute To Two Good Men

    /Robert E. Marshall A Father 's Day Tribute to Two Good Men Our father, Mr. Edgar Lee Marshall came to Texas on September 14, 1999 to live with me because his doctors in Alabama and Maryland had informed him that he had only two weeks to live, due to congestive heart failure. He decided that he wanted to spend that time with my children and I because he hadn 't gotten to know my children. I told my children that we were going to teach Granddaddy about the love of Jesus in our house. We agreed that daily we would tell him that we love him and give him big hugs. Well, Daddy lived exactly two productive years from the day he came to my house on the 14th of September 1999, he passed away on the 14th September 2001. He said, "There is Healing in Abilene, Texas!" He got to experience a…

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  • The Importance Of Stress In My Life

    Also, I have a girl in my life that I like very much, but every day, there’s always a problem with either her and me or her and someone else. My dad is a major contributor to my stress. The life of a teen is agreeably one of the most dramatic and stressful parts of a person’s life. I feel, between school and my home life and dealing with rebellion to parents at home, I have to deal with my own emotions and begin to become separated from the family, especially parents. Along with dealing with…

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  • 12 Step Group For Recovering Alcoholics

    Wednesday, Today was a good day. Today I lead a twelve step group for recovering alcoholics. In this particular group I was instructed not to use names and to try and make sure that I am I talking to everyone at one time, what my supervisor wanted to make sure was that everyone had their confediality kept. I was warned that some counselors would speak to a individual person and the other group embers would feel like whatever the counselor was saying the member was guilty of. I walked into the…

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  • Personal Essay: My New Life In Vietnam

    dreamland. Surely, when I had been waiting long enough, a new chapter of my life was coming. It was 2014 when I was unbelievably at the U.S Embassy of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to participate the applicant interview to settle my new life in the United States. On the night before the interview day, I kept reminding myself that this might be the only chance to restart my life, and have brighter future for my family. With this in mind, I checked my supporting documents over and over again because I did…

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  • Characteristics Of Vanity In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    1.Unstable situation The grandmother, plays a major role in the story by introducing the audience to a very unlikeable person, which in turns, gives a distinctive negative attitude towards her that grows throughout the story. She isn’t very well liked by the family of her son, Baily. Baily’s family tries to ignore the grandmother because she often is a self-interested and conning women. For instance, the grandmother tries to convince the family to go to Tennessee instead of Florida, by adding…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Incident With Michael And His Wife

    I know he is not good for me but he is so good to me. He pleased me over and over again as if it has been sometime since he was pleased. As we laid there and he drifted off to sleep, I turned to my right side looking throw the window at the night sky. I thought about my past. I thought about at a very young age the power of a women when it comes to a man, hell in this world to be honest. I remember when I was only twelve years old and I woke up from a deep sleep when I felt my older brothers…

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  • The Dilemma With Measuring Sin Analysis

    intertwine deliberations that resonated in me why doing this assignment which on some occasions seemed to resonate across each piece of material. The Discipline of Grace My first discussion starts with the works of Jerry Bridges first three chapters of "The Discipline of Grace: Gods Role in the Pursuit of Holiness." The author wrestles with the notion of a Christians approach to witnessing or discipleship based on their mood or current situation. Bridges suggest that many Christians are…

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  • What Is A Bad Day Essay

    A bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life. A good day doesn’t mean you have a good life either. You could have tons of bad days, but it doesn’t mean that you have a bad life. You could have a good day but that doesn’t mean you have a good life. I wish I understood this sooner. I wish I thought it was only temporary sooner. My freshman year was one of the worst years of my life. I’ve accepted it and I am moving on from it, because that is the only thing that there is left to do. I’ve made…

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  • Analysis: The Red Badge Of Courage

    A day in the life of a high school student. Today was the day. It was the day that I had pictured in my head since I was a child. I remember the last day of 8th grade. A stream was flowing down out of the eyes of my friends. I would miss them. I thought that day was going to be the worst. Boy was I wrong. I was standing there that morning as my mother’s camera flashed. It felt as if it was going to be the last time she saw me before going off to battle. What was a 5 foot 9th grader to do in a…

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  • Narrative Essay About My Father

    I was no longer the four-year-old kid he had met and still wanted me to be. I was a teenager ready to take on the world head first. When I got bullied in middle school Jason told me to stand up for myself. I did so in a way that got me five extra days added to my weekend. He wasn’t upset when he got the call from the school reporting I had just been in a fight; he was happy. I stuck up for myself when no one else would, including the school. When he came to pick me up from the school we stopped…

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