A Good Day

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  • Narrative Essay On Group Work

    Wednesday, Today was a good day. Today I lead a twelve step group for recovering alcoholics. In this particular group I was instructed not to use names and to try and make sure that I am I talking to everyone at one time, what my supervisor wanted to make sure was that everyone had their confediality kept. I was warned that some counselors would speak to a individual person and the other group embers would feel like whatever the counselor was saying the member was guilty of. I walked into the small room and saw eight people sitting in a stagger circle formation waiting on me to arrive. I felt like a movie star or something. I sat down in the quiet and intense room to speak to the group members only to find out that they all were impatient…

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  • The Theme Of A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    Florida, by adding there is a loose criminal headed towards the south. However, the grandmother being intrusive, tags along with the family anyways, “Afraid she 'd miss something.” In the story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, it shows how such a self-deemed “lady as herself”…

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  • Private Duty Nurse Interview Paper

    a 10 year old girl who was born with spinal bifida and attends school part-time. Some of Danielle's job duties consist of taking care of and attending to most of Racquel's medical needs on a daily basis, providing in-home monitoring and accompanying her at school and during out of town visits. The educational qualifications needed for this position is having a nursing license. The population she works with is directly with Racquel's family which she has pretty much become a member of as well as…

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  • Stress: A Personal Analysis

    There are many sources of stress in my life. Like the fact that I cannot find a job, therefore I cannot pay car insurance. Also, I have a girl in my life that I like very much, but every day, there’s always a problem with either her and me or her and someone else. My dad is a major contributor to my stress. The life of a teen is agreeably one of the most dramatic and stressful parts of a person’s life. I feel, between school and my home life and dealing with rebellion to parents at home, I…

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  • The Dilemma With Measuring Sin Analysis

    I agree with Bridges in that all too often we move right into discipleship with new believers because we are more concerned about sustaining members. That is to say, while membership is important, we should also be reminding new believers often of the sacrificing love shown in the selfless act of Christ along with building them up to move from milk to meat. Nevertheless, regardless of having a good day or bad day, Christ has made it clear to us all that we all need his saving grace The Prodigal…

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  • Do Professional Athletes Make A Difference?

    last quote I am going to share is one by Perkins. “It’s emotional. Every child is different. Once you go into a room, you adapt. I stay away from asking how they are doing because they might not be doing that good. I just try to brighten their day, make it a good day to remember” (Dan…

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  • My New Life In Vietnam

    dreamland. Surely, when I had been waiting long enough, a new chapter of my life was coming. It was 2014 when I was unbelievably at the U.S Embassy of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to participate the applicant interview to settle my new life in the United States. On the night before the interview day, I kept reminding myself that this might be the only chance to restart my life, and have brighter future for my family. With this in mind, I checked my supporting documents over and over again because I did…

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  • Michael And His Wife: A Short Story

    I know he is not good for me but he is so good to me. He pleased me over and over again as if it has been sometime since he was pleased. As we laid there and he drifted off to sleep, I turned to my right side looking throw the window at the night sky. I thought about my past. I thought about at a very young age the power of a women when it comes to a man, hell in this world to be honest. I remember when I was only twelve years old and I woke up from a deep sleep when I felt my older brothers…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Day At The Gwinnett Center

    This day started out like any other Saturday. I woke up to my dad shaking me, telling me that he let me sleep in as long as possible but we needed to get on the road. I looked at the alarm clock and in big, red letters it read “6:30”. Nonchalantly, I slid out of bed and began my Saturday morning routine. As I ate breakfast, I talked to my dad about strategy, opponents, and if I was confident going into the day. I admitted I was a little nervous, but my dad assured me that it was going to be a…

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  • The Importance Of Transition

    push, I was exhausted. I recall after pushing for over three long hours, I said, “I quit!” The doctor said, “You can’t quit, it is too late. Push, Donna, you can do it.” I remember thinking this is crazy, but I did not quit and pushed. Within minutes it was over. I learned a lot from the experience. Just when you think you cannot do one more thing, push one more time, pay one more bill, DON’T QUIT! You can do it. As a matter of fact, you can do whatever you put your mind to – no matter how…

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