A Hero of Our Time

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  • The Diary Of Pechorin's A Hero Of Our Time

    Beginning on page 97 of A Hero of Our Time, a June 5th diary entry marks one of the sections in the chapter, “Princess Mary.” Throughout the novel, more information is uncovered about Pechorin and how he views himself in his society. This diary reveals much of his character especially well because in “Princess Mary” as a whole, it is written from Pechorin’s point-of-view. Within this singular diary entry, several clues are revealed to take apart Pechorin for who he really is. First, at an earlier point in the novel, Pechorin writes that he feels Grushnitsky was trying to write himself as the main character of a story. However, within this chapter, readers can see that Pechorin is doing the same thing in his own life. He writes, “Can it really…

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  • Mikhail Lermontov's A Hero Of Our Time

    Known as the ‘Russian Byron’, Mikhail Lermontov is revered for his radical interpretation of the Romantic antihero in A Hero of Our Time. He sought to fashion “a portrait built up from the vices of our whole generation” (Lermontov, preface), to create a character who would embody the spirit of the contemporary Russian man. In what would be his only prose work, Lermontov employs traits commonly associated with the Byronic hero as the basis for the character of his protagonist, Pechorin, such as…

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  • A Hero Of Our Time Romanticism Analysis

    Does the novel follow or reject the conventions of Romanticism. A Hero of Our Time follows the conventions of romanticism. The book sees each main character as naturally good, it evokes a pleasant kind of melancholy life in the main characters, and it has very natural romantic settings. A Hero of Our Time is a good literary example of the romantic style. First, In the first novella entitled Bela, where we meet Captain Maksim Maksimych who introduces us to the main character Grigory…

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  • Theme Of Pechorin In A Hero Of Our Time

    In a Hero of Our Time, predestination emerges as a theme near the end of the story. The end of the story leaves the reader wondering if there is anything other than predestination. The story follows this young man named Pechorin. Pechorin lives a life very different than a “normal” person. He is both emotionally smart and foolish. The thing that striked me the most is Pechorin’s fate. When he was a young boy, his mother was told that he would “die through a bad wife” (p.123). Pechorin never…

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  • Big Two Hearted River Part 1 Analysis

    “Big Two Hearted River: Part 1,” a chapters in Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time, reads like a third-person narrative of a young man’s camping trip in the wilderness. However, through close examination of the details in the story, it slowly comes to light that the events that transpire in the young man’s excursions are somewhat related to his experiences in war. Hemingway’s account observes how war changes an individual as they return home, thus leaving them unsettled. Nick, our protagonist, isn’t…

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  • Landscape In Alexander Lermontov's A Hero Of Our Time

    visual texts, there is a conjunction of themes and perception, as these environments shape the events and structure of novels. Similarly, the associated insight and perception contribute to the novel, as they establish an intimate relationship with the reader. These descriptions can evoke pleasure and delight from readers, as they can appeal to the reader’s sensual enjoyment, past experiences, and personal contemplations. Plot development and setting description share a unique and foundational…

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  • In Our Time Kererbs And Ad Analysis

    Reading Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time can be slightly confusing because of the sudden story endings and seemingly choppy and incoherent story line, but linking the stories is the underline appears of war like images. Sometimes these war like images appear in day to day life events. One of these day to day war like images appears in The Battler where readers learn the story of Ad Frances. Ad was once a professional fighter, but he is now very disfigured and presumably lives out near the train…

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  • Antihero Pechorin In Lermontov's A Hero Of Our Time

    Lermontov’s novel A Hero Of Our Time depicts the life of the antihero Pechorin, who is consumed by his existential ennui. His travels lead him to many different women, whom he regards only as sexual conquests. One of Pechorin’s lovers, Bela, is mistreated and manipulated by him and the men around her and is heavily objectified by society. She is traded like a chattel and is expected to submit to men. This essay will analyze how Lermontov slowly objectifies her to nothing more than a ‘doll’ (32)…

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  • Of Self-Indulgence In A Hero Of Our Time By Mikhail Lermontov

    The lack of self-indulgence in Russia society In A Hero of Our Time written in 1839 by Mikhail Lermontov, a russian writer, painter, and poet. The novel takes place during the nineteenth century in Russia where the people of Russia were struggling with their government laws. As Russia society was still developing, Mikhail Lermontov jotted down the characters cowardness making readers able to analyze and comprehend the characters qualities and lack of self-sufficiency in the novel. Lermontov…

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  • A Hero: The Characteristics Of Beowulf As A Hero

    In the Anglo-Saxon era the term hero was originated from the Greek language, born through the word protector and defender. In the Anglo-Saxon time period I would say that the label of a hero is earned by portraying yourself as a warrior. Within the Anglo-Saxon culture, a hero must display the qualities of a prideful, intelligent, and most importantly a warrior. Beowulf shows all of these characteristics, he fights for his people until death becomes his next battle. Even at times where Beowulf’s…

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