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  • The Pros And Cons Of Southern Illinois College

    reasons like student loans, moving away from friends and family, and meeting new people. One good reason why Southern Illinois University is a top choice school because it is not very far from Ste. Genevieve. Southern Illinois University is located in Carbondale, Illinois. According to the 2010 census Carbondale, Illinois has a population of 26,363. Since the city is rather large, there are many opportunities…

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  • Importance Of The Illinois Institute Of Technology

    A Chance to expand an Innovative mindset, that is what the Illinois Institute of Technology means to me. I believe IIT has the resources necessary to sharpen and develop my mind and bring forth new technology, ideas, and improve our quality of life. Going behind test scores and diplomas, making real change in the world. By telling my story and who I am. Through Illinois institute of Technology i aim to positively have an impact in this ever changing world. I hope that to be given the chance. I…

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  • Causes Of The Black Hawk War

    In 1832, ongoing tension in Illinois between American settlers and Native American tribes ignited into a summer of conflict where the participants failed to recognize opportunities to deescalate hostilities. This paper will begin by providing historical information relevant to understanding the conflict’s root causes. The paper will further explain that misunderstandings among both combatants regarding the root causes created an atmosphere that fostered an environment conducive for conflict.…

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  • Chicago Informative Speech

    It is a endless chain of railroad lines, highways, waterways, and airlines. Chicago is one of the world’s largest railroad and trucking centers. The Michigan-Illinois Canal helps with getting freight from the Great Lakes. Chicago is one of the main agricultural suppliers; it supplies corn, soybeans, and grain. Various fabrics in Chicago aid the state by helping Illinois have it’s needs met. There are several reasons why I chose the Development o Chicago. I wanted to learn about Chicago, how…

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  • Ffa Personal Statement

    Ambassadors and Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team Reporter. In the Effingham County 4-H Youth Ambassadors, I am vice-chair for the ARC or Go For The Blue Ribbon 4-H Club which consists of those who have a physical or mental disabilities which live in a group home in my community. We plan a monthly craft and assist them in creating it each month. I always walk out with a huge smile and satisfaction because of the smiles and memories that are created each month. I also chair the Cloverbud…

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  • The Illinois Indians

    The Illinois Indians were one of the most preponderant tribes in the Central United States during the of the European discoveries. According to sociologist Russell Thornton, their population was at 10,500 around 1670. The Illinois Indians were a body of Algonquian-speaking groups. Those groups were the Kaskaskia, Maroa, Chinkoa, Tapouaro, Coiracoentanon, Moingwena, Espeminkia, Tamaroa, Che Possa, Cahokia, Michigamme, Wea, Piankashaw, Peoria, Mascouten, and Miami. In the 1830’s when the Indian…

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  • Essay On Black Hawk War

    history. Chicago would not have happened if not for the Black Hawk war. Chicago was formed after the events of the Black Hawk War. This war was the most vital part in Chicago history.The war began in May of 1832 and ended in August of 1832. The battle was fought for land, a tale to reclaim something that was taken. Black Hawk had surrendered after being caught and many of his people were slaughtered or imprisoned. Black Hawk lost his status that he once had. This event sparked the last native…

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  • Bosch Crash Database System Analysis

    NOTIFICATION AND ARRIVAL On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, at approximately 2:07 p.m., I, Trooper Brad Brachear, received a telephone call from Sergeant Robert Ventura. Sgt. Ventura advised Trooper Daron Barge of Illinois State Police District 11 requested my assistance with a car vs. two pedestrian crash on the ramp from Interstate 64 westbound to Illinois Route 111 in Canteen Township in St. Clair County. I responded from the Metro East Crime Lab in Belleville, Illinois to assist. The crash…

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  • Joseph Glidden Research Paper

    adolescent years, but soon after, was needed at home for farming help so he only went during the winter months. When Glidden was a teenager, he discovered that he had an interest in teaching. He attended Vermont’s Middlebury Academy to receive training to fulfill his dream of teaching. After finishing school at the academy, he attended a seminary, or school for teaching of different kinds, in Lima, New York. He later got a job as a teacher in Lima, but the job was short lived, as his love for…

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  • Barack Obama As A Role Model

    A humanist is someone who want to better the human population which is what he did. Before his time in office he did a lot of great things. He wanted to figure out what kept the people that lived on the south side of Chicago poor and wanted to change that which is why he worked for the community. He wanted to see the betterment of the people who were living in poverty. While he was in the senate for Illinois he launched, a campaign called “VOTE”. He got more than 100,000 people registered to…

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