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  • Viola The Queen Of Illyria Research Paper

    1. Once upon a time, in the far away land of Illyria, there lived a robber like no other, Viola. Viola was not like most robbers though. She was actually a very nice and giving young woman, who shared all the treasures she stole with the poor. 2. One day, Viola decided that she was going to stop stealing. For her very last robbery, she wanted to give something magical to the poor. A hat that can play music anytime, anywhere. This hat could only be found in the castle of Illyria and to get there, Viola would need help from the one and only, Feste the Feisty Frog. 3. Feste was Viola’s best friend who also helped her plan out her robberies. The day they decided to rob the castle, Feste leaped UP, UP, UP, the walls of the castle, and threw a…

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  • Social Roles In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare repeatedly challenges social structure through twisting traditional gender roles in Twelfth Night with the twin characters, Viola and Sebastian. Shakespeare has complicated the gender roles between Viola and Sebastian by cloaking Viola as male, not only through her dialogue (and Sebastian’s as well) but through her persona. Shakespeare chooses this idea in his writing to flow the characterization of these two perplexing individuals who washed up on shore and focused on their arrival…

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  • Shakespeare's Expository Paragraph-Viola In Twelfth Night

    Twelfth Night Expository Paragraph- Viola In the play Twelfth Night, written by William Shakespeare, Viola is the character facing the most dilemmas, mostly as a result of her disguise as Cesario, an eunuch. Viola is stranded, alongside a sea captain, as an unaccompanied woman in Illyria, a country foreign to her: "What country, friends, is this? / This is Illyria, lady. / And what should I do in Illyria?" (I.ii.1-3). To be a woman by herself is dangerous in her time, as there is a good chance…

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  • Viola In Twelfth Night

    Viola, a shipwreck survivor who has no where else to go finds herself lost in an unfamiliar city, with no protection. After losing her twin brother to the shipwreck, or so she thought, she and a few others land in the city of Illyria. As dreadful as it may seem, her last resort for safety on her own is to crossdress as a gentleman to get around. She disguises herself, as an alter ego she calls, “Cesario”. Violas actions speaks volumes once she encounters the mix-ups in Illyria. She finds herself…

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  • Theme Of Gender In Twelfth Night

    The Twelfth Night: Gender Roles and Disguise Shakespeare often wrote his characters to portray literal and figurative disguises in order to accomplish some sort of goal. This idea was exemplified and prevalent in The Twelfth Night; a Shakespearean comedy written between 1599 and 1601. In this play, the main protagonist, Viola, disguises herself upon arrival to the country of Illyria to search for her brother, Sebastian, who was lost and thought to be dead after a shipwreck and storm. She…

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  • The Role Of Malvolio In William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    England for over 100 years prior so Queen Mary I showed no hesitation in restoring Catholicism. In 1558, Queen Elizabeth ascends the throne and restores Protestantism. Unlike the Queens before her she disregarded the believes of those who went against her as long as they were quiet. In addition to her restoration of religion, she opened the Royal Exchange. The royal Exchange was described as a business commercial center established by English shipper and leader, Sir Thomas Gresham.…

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  • Love And Conflicts In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    the highest ranking woman in Illyria. He shows us how vain his character is again when he is caught posing in the sun by Maria because he wanted to admire his shadow. In addition he demonstrates this bad characteristic of his when he yells at Sir Toby and Sir Andrew saying "My masters, are you mad? Or what are you? / Have you no wit, manners...but to gabble like tinkers at this time of the night?"(II.iii.80,81). He rudely tells them to stop drinking even though they both outrank him. In all of…

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  • Twelfth Night Research Paper

    Young Lady Rescued From Devastating Shipwreck! Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, began in a city named Illyria. It was a small city beside the sea. At the shore, a young woman named Viola was rescued after a disastrous shipwreck that nearly killed her and her brother. However, Viola assumes that her brother was killed, and she was never going to see him again. She talks to the captain of the crew that rescued her, and pleaded for advice on what to do to support herself. The captain explained that…

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  • Disguise In Twelfth Night Analysis

    As Viola cannot show her love for Orsino, the only way she can express them is in her soliloquies to the audience, this contributes to the dramatic ironies. I believe dramatic irony certainly adds to the magic of Twelfth Night. The disguise also causes mistaken identity, an example of this is when Sir Andrew goes looking for Cesario, finds who he thinks is Cesario, strikes him, the person however is, Sebastian. Sebastian hits him in return, but sevenfold, and Sebastian having been in Illyria…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In She's The Man

    fragile, emotional and graceful makes them seem as if they are unable to perform certain tasks. The misconception gives men the idea that females are to stick with jobs that require minimum physical strength. Compared to the real world, the movie She’s The Man focuses its whole plot on the stereotypes women face. The protagonist Viola Hastings’ team is cancelled because the school, Cornwall, does not require a female soccer team. When Viola finds out, she requests a chance to join the boys…

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