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  • Apple Inc Rhetorical Analysis

    Active voice in writing is most commonly preferred in many of the world’s languages. It means to use active verbs, as opposed to passive verbs. For example, in the Apple Style Guide, of the international style section, it is stated that “Apple sold 3.7 million iMac computers in 2 years.” This sentence is an example of active voice, as the subject in the sentence is performing the action. The subject is “Apple”, while the action is “sold 3.7 million iMac computers in 2 years.” In most cases, active voice is preferred because it is often less wordy and less confusing than passive voice. It is easier to understand and interpret active voice as opposed to passive voice. It is clear why this style guide would be written in active voice. The style guide is intended to be used by a variety of people around the world, native English speakers, and non-native English speakers alike. Active voice is less awkward, and overall, less difficult to…

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  • Apple Products: Was It Worth It Mac?

    line of gadgets. This release is met with multitudes of Apple enthusiast and consumers lined up to get in the Apple store or sat at home refreshing a web page, just to buy the newest Apple product first. But are Apple products really worth all this hype can a one brand really be all that? This paper will evaluate the products, software, and price of Apple’s pride and joys and in the end come to a conclusion. As said before Apple started in 1977 with the first personal computer and have…

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  • Computers: A Comparison Of Apple Vs. PC

    Jony Ive first designed the iMac, it came as a stark contrast to the manilla, beige colored PCs as it was colorful and lively (Casserly). Even after the iMac launch, Apple has invented new designs with their MacBook Pro series laptops, creating an extremely slim, aluminum type body that was lightweight and stylish. However, recently Apple has hit the creative wall as they have not contrived new designs to their computers in the recent years. PC has made extravagant strides in inventing…

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  • Apple Vs Pc Compare And Contrast

    Apple computers are sold at twice the price of PC computers and are barely able to perform the same tasks. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that PC computers often are virus-prone, as there are many independent repair shops that can help, unlike the case of Apple products. Gaming on a MacBook Pro or an iMac is entirely possible, but high-end games and newer games require improved graphics cards that come already installed in PC gaming computers. Aesthetics are undeniably an important decision in…

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  • Biographical Production Film Steve Jobs, Directed By Danny Boyle

    the launch of the cutting-edge and fundamental product: the Apple Macintosh, the NeXT Computer and the iMac. Throughout 1984, the Apple Macintosh 128K, the original Macintosh designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc., voice demo declines moments before its revelation…

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  • Steve Jobs: An Innovator?

    of the ideas that the engineers proposed to him, and demanded redesign plans (Britannica School). After the final design and product was complete, he introduced the Macintosh in January 1984. Job’s drive was to make the Macintosh unique and appealing. The Macintosh was the first computer created by Jobs and Steve Wozniak (the other co-founder of Apple). Jobs was reaching out to his engineers and designers to create products that other companies could not simply recreate. Steve Jobs helped…

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  • Iphone 7 Research Paper

    Over the year’s apple has evolved in very many ways that are unbelievable. They are constantly coming up with new things that it is so hard to keep up with. They make up to any electronics that you can think of. They have the IMacs, MacBook’s, IPhones, IPad, apple watches, apple Tv, think of it they probably have it. None of this could have been possible without its co-founder Steve Jobs. The most Recent things that have come from apple would definitely have to be the IPad pro with the apple…

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  • The Negative Impacts Of Steve Jobs

    The iMac was a great leap in terms of both innovation and versatility compared to it’s competition and especially the iMac’s predecessors. The computer stamped Apple’s icon as one of the best tech innovators of the century and Steve Job as Apple’s prime mascot. For Steve Job, it was more than being the figurehead, but turning a new leaf. Jobs not only reconciled all of his mistakes with his family and previous coworkers, but also gain a new found attitude towards his work ethics. In addition…

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  • Literature Review: Green Fluorescent Protein And Histidine Tagged Proteins

    This allows the histidines to bind to the metal ion matrix filter while everything else in the mixture is eluted out (Bornhorst and Falke, 2010; Singh and Jain, 2013). To optimize IMAC, a DNA sequence coding for 6 histidines is most commonly used because it gives the highest affinity for the metal ions while not disturbing the function of the target proteins (Singh and Jain, 2013). The metal ions used in the filter are zinc, cobalt, nickel, or copper, due to histidines high binding affinity for…

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  • What Are The Three Primary Methods Of Communication

    is the world’s most successful company. Under the time of their former CEO, Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. has introduced huge technology hits like iMac, iPod, iMac and iTunes. The Business Insider website (, 2011) stated: “Apple has now grown into a $326 billion market cap tech behemoth with Jobs at the helm.” One of his rules to success is to master the message. According to Jobs, one can have the greatest idea in the world, but if the idea isn’t fully delivered, it’s useless.…

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