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  • Why Are Cost, Revenue And Profit Important?

    Social Networking” (August 5, 2014) in Digital Trends, social networking started with the BBS and the real beginning of social networking is the launch of Friendster. Friendster as the first social networking site steps in the edge of the social networking. As we can see, leader of a field is not innovator as more competitors enter the market, but one of those imitators will stand out. Because of that most people cannot like Thomas Edison who owned 1093 patents, a successful business often imitate other companies’ advantages. As imitators in business, people can find their starting point easily than innovator, and they will take less risk by imitating competitor’s advantages, and they can reduce cost in innovation. The first reason why imitation is better than innovation in business is that innovation is hard for most people and organizations. According to Edward D. Hess (2014), innovative…

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  • How Does Information Exchange Affect Children's Communication?

    This paragraph shows that imitation creates a better platform for children’s communication in early age. Babies have a very clear mind and can imitate their parents or caregivers (Hulit, Fahey, & Howard, 2014). Hearing and memory help people to communicate well and make clear decisions. At an early age of six years old, a child can easily copy what other people do though they cannot communicate verbally and show everything by actions. At the age of 14 months, children can imitate and produce…

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  • Human Views In Susan Blackmore's Strange Creatures

    In Susan Blackmore’s “Strange Creatures” she describes the concept of the “memes eye view”. She claims the “memes eye view” is what makes humans different from animals, meaning humans can imitate therefore must be different from animals. As a reader dwells more on the thought of the “memes eye view” they can relate it to life experiences and other works of literature. For example, the “memes eye view” can be seen very clearly in “Bumping into Mr.Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik. In Gopnik’s work he…

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  • The Imitation Game

    “In 1952, (Alan) Turing was found guilty on three counts of ‘gross indecency contrary to Section II of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885’” (Irving). He chose hormonal therapy over going to jail. Shortly after that on June 7th, 1954 he allegedly committed suicide after biting out of an apple dipped in cyanide. Approximately half a century later, Alan Turing was given a royal pardon by the queen in 2013. Such was the life of Alan Turing. The downward spiral began in Alan’s life because being…

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  • Imitation And Transformation Analysis

    Imitation and Transformation On a regular weekday, I was in class listening to a group of women presenting on some topic I couldn’t recall. After their presentation, the instructor, also a woman, told the presenters to stop “uptalking” in the future because their speech pattern can make them sound high-pitched, unconfident, and unprofessional. The class, including myself, silently accepted the instructor’s advice; however, I thought the instructor was trying to tell presenters that they need to…

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  • Summary: The Imitation Game

    Movie: The Imitation Game Internet The imitation game is a movie about Alan Turing and the Enigma-code. He is a mathematical. The movie takes place in the WO2. The Germans had decrypted all their massages so that the American and the British army can’t understand and read the massages. Alan Turing should cracking the code. Under time pressure, he makes a machine who can crack the codes. After two years it finely worked. Now it was possible to read every massages. The Germans…

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  • The Imitation Game Movie Essay

    The Imitation Game is a movie based on true story that showed us about Britain in World War II era. Through this movie, we invited back turned to the past, where the World War II was happened. The emergence of Nazi party as a form of a revival of Germany made Adolf Hitler want his state became dominant power in Europe. However, the British build an alliance to prevent German. They were desirous to gain dominant power in the field of economic and military. At the moment was the outbreak of World…

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  • Imitation Of Life Film Analysis

    Imitation of Life is a movie directed by John M. Stahl in 1934. Claudette Colbert plays the protagonist in the role of Beatrice “Bea” Pullman. Bea’s new found friend is Delilah Johnson, played by Louise Beavers. Together, both of these ladies create a successful business. Throughout the film we see both their daughters, Jessie and Peola, grow into beautiful women. The Imitation of Life is relevant to our class due to Bea and Delilah’s success after the Great Depression. The three literary…

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  • Imitation Of Life Themes

    Prejudice & Gender Discrimination against Women and Minorities in the film: Imitation of Life by John Stahn, 1934 & Douglas Sirk, 1959 The film Imitation of Life is anything but a domestic melodrama or romantic story that is portrayed in the article of Imitation of Life (John Stahl, 1934. Douglas Sirk, 1959: Style and the Domestic Melodrama, by Jeremy B. Butler. To begin, the film is a prime example of sexism and racial prejudice that ignited a political and social war between the sexes during…

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  • Imitation Of Life Scene Analysis

    Imitation of Life is the second Imitation of Life movie which was directed by Douglas Sirk and was produced by Ross Hunter in 1959. This movie is an American Drama that shows the love and hardships between mother and daughter while juggling the tasks of work, love, and personal problems. The french term mise-en-scene is shown throughout the film in many different ways through the camera angles, the setting of the movie, props, lighting, staging, makeup, and costumes. These elements play a huge…

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