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  • Adaptive Immunity Essay

    On basic note Presence Innate immunity is something already present in the body. Adaptive immunity is created in response to exposure to a foreign substance. Specificity Non-Specific Specific Response Fights any foreign invader and rapid Fight only specific infection and slow(1-2 wks) Potency Limited and Lower potency High potency Time span Once activated against a specific type of antigen, the immunity remains throughout the life. The span of developed immunity can be lifelong or short. Inheritance inherited from parents and passed to offspring. Adaptive immunity is not passed from the parents to offspring, hence it cannot be inherited. Presence Present at birth Develops during a person’s lifetime and can be short-lived. Allergic Reaction None Immediate…

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  • Vaccines Essay

    When you get sick your body creates special proteins called antibodies to fight the infection and the antibodies keep you from getting sick again. Newborn babies are already protected against several disease because antibodies have passed into them from their mothers via the placenta. This is called "passive immunity” and Passive immunity only lasts for a few weeks or months(5). How Vaccines are made? 1.Generate antigens “The growth and harvesting of the pathogen itself or generation of…

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  • The Importance Of Vaccinating Children

    Were you vaccinated as a child? If you have children, did you choose to vaccinate them? If yes, why? Although it sounds like a very easy question to answer but because of misinformation about vaccinations many people are no longer staying up to date on them or are choosing to opt out completely for themselves and their children. Understanding the way the immune system works to cause immunity to certain diseases is crucial in understanding how and why vaccinations work. Active, natural immunity…

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  • Killed Vaccine Disadvantages Killed vaccines The advantage of killed vaccine is more safety as a result of inactivation of live viral strains. Therefore, it can be administrated to pregnant animals. There are many disadvantages of killed BVDV vaccines, it is more expensive due to large amounts of virus are required for preparation of each dose and adjuvant should be added to the vaccine. In addition, the duration of immunity is shorter and there are requirement for injection two doses to initiate protection (Fulton…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Spanish Exposure To The Incas

    The exposure that the Spanish had to animals not only benefited them with work and a sustainable source of food, but they also developed immunity to a deadly disease known as smallpox. The Spaniard’s exposure to the smallpox disease, which was due to the proximity their society had to domesticated animals, allowed them to unknowingly use that disease to decimate the entire Incan society. When the exposure of the two societies are compared, the Incas had almost no exposure to domesticated…

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  • Vaccination Essay

    Vaccines are a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. Vaccination may be required for those hired for a job and attending school. Vaccines rarely prevent or contribute to prevent diseases. The vaccines are mad from dead or inactive organisms or purified products borrowed from them. The healthy immune system is able to recognize invading bacteria and viruses and produce substances (antibodies) to destroy or disable them. The micro-organisms in the…

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  • Arguments Against Vaccination Necessary

    Vaccination The controversy of vaccination has been a debatable topic for many people. It is defined as a substance that is used for the stimulation of antibodies to create immunity against illnesses and diseases, it is made from the causing agent of that certain disease and produced as a synthetic substance which prevents serious diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, smallpox, tuberculosis, or measles. By injecting the weakened version of the infection into the human body that releases…

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  • Vaccination Disadvantages

    Vaccination is the process of injecting antigenic material to stimulate immune response. Conventional vaccines insert attenuated or killed infectious agent, such as virus or antigenic protein, into the body to stimulate immune system to develop immunity against the pathogen. However, this type of vaccines has some weakness. For example, attenuated virus may suddenly become very active in the body and cause disease instead of stimulating immune response. Conventional vaccines also unable to…

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  • Immunity To Change

    The next chapter in part two is, “Cathy Can’t Contain Herself” and this chapter too highlights overcoming an individual’s immunity to change. Cathy’s immunity to change revolves around self-management and emotional self-regulation. In other words, Cathy was looking to better manage her emotional state as well as her expression of her emotions. The authors believe that to address one’s change challenge within the context of a group’s efforts to improve may provide the strongest source of…

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  • Small Pox Research Paper

    before. This virgin ground is a perfect place to start an epidemic. This virus is spread though respiratory droplets and direct contact. Therefore this disease was spread easily throughout a community. With the spread of this illness picking up the people of Boston needed to find a way to fight it. They took notice of the fact that people who contracted small pox and survived where immune for falling ill again. A new procedure was on the rise called inoculation, In this process you take the scab…

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