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  • Analysis Of UWB Communication Systems

    In this paper, dual band notch Multi input Multi output (MIMO) System of two U-shape patch antennas has been evolved for the UWB application. Spacing between two elements of antennas is 0.270 at 3.1GHz for the UWB operation. To enhance isolation and increase bandwidth impedance, fork shaped stub added in the ground plane of the antenna. Due to interference of WIMAX (3.3-3.7 GHZ) and WLAN (5.2-5.8 GHz) on UWB dual band notch function is perform. For achieving the dual band notch characteristics, trekking slot cut in the patch with feed and C- shaped strip are placed adjacently to the feed line of the antenna. Due to fork shaped stub in ground plane, reducing of mutual coupling between elements | | ≤ -20dB. Peak gain, Efficiency Of antenna…

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  • Operant Conditioning In Psychology

    Operant conditioning is a type of learning in which a person modifies their behavior through positive and negative consequences, or as a result of positive and negative reinforcement. Unlike classical conditioning where behaviors are reflexive and involuntary, operant conditioning is a voluntary behavior. In 1905, Edward L. Thorndike conducted an experiment where he placed a hungry cat inside a “puzzle box”, and a food dish on the outside. The cat upon pressing a lever could free itself from…

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  • What Is Operant Conditioning

    Do as you are told and you shall receive an award, however break these rules and you shall receive a punishment. The Law of Effect states that when we do something that satisfies us that we will be more likely to keep doing it in order to get that response, and if it discomforts us in any way we will be less likely to do it again. Within this law comes the theory of Operant Conditioning, meaning that we learn that our behaviors will either earn us rewards or punishments. How this works is we…

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  • Analysis Of Using Maximum Power And Norton's Theorem

    PROCEDURE Maximum power and Norton’s Theorem will be performed to solve the unknowns within the given circuit. How to use both Maximum Power and Norton’s Theorem properly, are to be explained in order to solve a circuit using these approaches. THEORY MAXIMUM POWER Maximum power states that a load receives max power from a network when it’s resistance is exactly equal to the Thevenin and Norton resistance of the network supplying the power (as shown below): If the load resistance is…

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  • Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

    According to maximum power transfer theorem, power delivered by the source to the load is maximum when the internal source impedance is approximately equal to the load impedance [138]. The output power of the PV panel is variable according to the solar irradiance and temperature as shown in Figure 4.7. Therefore, internal impedance of the PV panel is also variable according to variation in solar irradiance and temperature. Figure 4.7 Characteristic of PV panel at variable solar…

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  • Microstrip Patch Antenn Antenna Theory Of Analysis And Design

    the form of a three dimensional graph of power versus elevation and azimuth angles but more generally defined by E-plane or H-plane where one angle is held fixed while the other is varied as shown in Figure 1.4.1. Figure 1.4.1: A radiation pattern for a microstrip antenna. The radiation pattern can be determined easily which a microstrip patch antenna has. The source of the radiation of the electric field at the gap of the edge of the microstrip element and the ground plane is the key factor…

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  • Analysis: Physical Parameter Of Antenna

    Table 1: Physical Parameter of Antenna S.No Description Value (mm) 1 Patch dimension (L*W) 20.91 * 16.06 2 Slot length (L1) 2.64 3 Slot width (W1) 2.64 4 Feed length 13 5 Feed width 3 6 Thickness (h) 1.6 7 Wavelength (λ) 0.0546 m 8 Frequency (fo) 3.5GHz 9 Velocity of Light (c) 3x10^8 m Table 2: Antenna Feeding Techniques Description Patch Feed Coaxial Feed Aperture Coupled Feed Proximity Coupled Feed Feed Radiation More More Less Minimum Reliability Better Poor Good Good Fabrication Easy…

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  • Inter Symbol Interference Analysis

    main sources of noise: 1. Atmosphere noise. There are many types of sources for this noise. A light switch creates a radio wave every time it opens or closes. Motors in some appliances produce nasty RF (radio frequency) noise. 2. Receiver noise. Most of this noise comes from the first transistor the antenna is attached to. Some receivers are quieter than others. 2.5 Transmission cable Twin lead (ribbon cable) used to be common for TV antennas. It has its advantages. But due to…

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