Imperial Japanese Army

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  • Emperor Meiji's Impact On History

    November 5, 2016 Period 4 Walter History Day Rough Draft 2016-2017 Emperor Meiji took a stand in history by playing an active role during the prosecution of the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War, adopting the cabinet system of government for Japan, and issuing an edict that proclaimed the conquest of Korea to Japan. Emperor Meiji’s impact on history was writing the Meiji Constitution, developing the Imperial Diet, having a well-developed transport and communication system, creating his own form of government, and developing a highly educated population free of being limited by their class status. The historical period that Emperor Meiji falls in is during the Edo period, which began in 1603 and ended in 1868. The Edo period…

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  • Examples Of Religious Imperialism

    In the December of 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army marched into China’s capital city, Nanking, and murdered 300,00 out of 60,000 civilians and soldiers ( The six weeks of holocaust is known as the Rape of Nanking. The Japanese were nationalist and they believed their country was the best. The military invasion of Nanking began in the summer of 1937. The resistance of the Chinese made the Japanese outraged. After some time passed by, the Japanese defeated China at Shanghai in…

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  • Battle Of Midway Essay

    four Japanese aircrafts. The only battle that the U.S fleet lost was The Battle of Yorktown. In six months of offensives prior to Midway, Japanese had triumphed in lands throughout the Pacific. These lands include Malaysia, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies, and the Philippines and numerous of other island groups. The United States however, was an increasing threat. Japanese Admiral sought to carry out his plan to destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet before it was large enough to…

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  • Pacific Turning Point

    wanted to destroy the Japanese empire. After the attack on Pearl Harbor Japan had time to make more of a push in the Pacific. Until 1942 in the Battle of the Midway when a U.S. Naval fleet about destroyed a Japanese fleet which was a major turning point in the war on the Pacific. Which later led to American forces…

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  • Battle Of Midway Analysis

    engaged the Japanese Imperial fleet in the Battle of Midway. The analysis of the events leading up to the Battle of Midway, the Battle itself, and its Aftermath, all represent just how influential Midway was in the Pacific War. By explaining some of the decisions and discoveries made by the American and Japanese forces, along with showing…

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  • The Battle Of Midway: Turning Point In The Pacific

    priority to Germany. The Japanese leadership of Admiral Yamamoto, Commander of Japanese Combined Fleet, and Vice Admiral Nagumo, commanding officer of the carriers, wanted to take charge in the Pacific by putting all of their power into taking a small island in the Pacific. The United States Navy was in shambles with the losses at Pearl Harbor and the exhaustion felt after Coral Sea, but the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) had its underestimated depth and morale. The victory…

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  • Alfred Thayer Mahan On American Sea Power

    science with the past and present. Mahan sought to exploit naval history to teach lessons in the form of fundamental principles (Paret, 1986). Mahan believed that “war has such principles; their existence is detected by the study of the past, which reveals them in successes and in failures, the same from age to age. Conditions and weapons change; but to cope with the one or successfully wield the others, respect must be had to these constant teachings of history in the tactics of the…

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  • Battle Of Midway Turning Point

    direction on the part of the Japanese military, and the Imperial Navy in particular, in early 1942. To a large degree, these difficulties stemmed from Japan’s unforeseen success during the first four months of war. By March 1942, Japan had either attained all of her initial objectives or was in sight of doing so.”(19) Japans army and Navy loathed each other; they could not agree nor get along with one another for any reasonable time. This caused several issues with commanded and planning when it…

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  • Pearl Harbor Dbq

    Japan do not have a good relationship may have caused the attack on Pearl Harbor. “An old order . . . is now crumbling” (Doc A). This quote was from the Japanese novel The Way of the Subjects. It states how serious and focused Japan was about the plans they wanted. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Japan had two main reasons why they attacked pearl Harbor: one was United States oil, and two was the United States expansion. One reason why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor is because of…

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  • Pearl Harbor Persuasive Essay

    On the third of June, Japanese planes attacked Dutch Harbor, Fort Glenns, and Mears in the Aleutians. Along with the attack on Australia, this was meant to be an attack that distracted and diverted the American fleet; however, due to the intelligence, the USN knew Midway was the main objective and was not dissuaded in any way. Even though the attack damaged Dutch Harbor severely, in the end, it hurt Japan far more than helping due to the loss of a slightly damaged Zero, which was recovered by…

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