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  • Power Of Impeachment

    Impeachment is the power of the legislative branch granted to it by the Constitution to remove any federal officer from office on grounds of “Treason, Bribery, and other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” (US Const. art. II, sec. 4). This power is further detailed in Article I Sections 2 and 3. It gives sole power of impeachment to the House of Representatives and details that the Senate has the power to try all impeachments. The power of impeachment is a fantastic example of the philosophy that no man is above the law. The power of impeachment was written into the Constitution to insure the law is upheld and obeyed by even the most powerful people in the country. It serves to fight corruption and restrict power of the national government to act outside of the law that is common in countries with authoritarian rule. The Framers of the Constitution had also seen how impeachment had become a politicized offense in countries like England. They did not want the legislature threatening or convicting federal officers of impeachment merely because they did not agree with the officer’s…

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  • The Impeachment Process

    Representatives as described by the constitution through the impeachment process. It may be initiated if the head of state stands accused of gross misconduct and subsequent violation of the constitution in a manner that threatens the country’s progress. In Australia, the federal Assembly holds the power to remove a sitting president before the constitutional…

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  • Edmund Ross's Influence On The Impeachment Trials Of Andrew Jackson

    Edmund Ross’s Influence on the Impeachment Trials of Andrew Jackson “He is a man off courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the enemy.” Socrates quote greatly expresses the courage and determination Edmund Ross showed in the impeding impeachment trials of Andrew Jackson. Edmund Ross played a major role on American History as he fought whether to vote with his conscience or with the majority vote. First, a history on Mr. Edmund Ross is important. Edmund G.…

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  • Presidents Deserve To Be Impeached

    In American history, impeachment is a rare case, with only 3 U.S. Presidents, Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton having gone through the impeachment process. In Jewish history, Moshe was “impeached” by God, and albeit different circumstances, was put through a similar process. To be impeached is to accuse or charge a public office holder, or in Moshe’s case, a leader, with a crime. Although only 2 U.S. presidents have been impeached; 17 other federal officials have been successfully…

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  • House Of Commons Party Roles

    Comparing party roles in the UK House of Commons and U.S. Congress During my research of comparing the party roles of the UK House of Commons and the U.S. Congress, I found a variety of differences between the two bodies of government. I found many of the difference by researching the histories of both the House of Commons and U.S. Congress. I various research tools that I used included websites, books, class material and encyclopedias. My goal for this essay is to describe, in the…

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  • Impeachment In Brazil

    Notably, in Latin America, especially in Brazil, development has grown both economically and for individuals in the region. Although, since the beginning, there were a few obstacles in the way of the country’s ability to grow effectively and maintain its state capacity (issues facing Brazil’s state capacity exists today, and impedes the countries consolidation for Democracy). Not to mention, the Brazilian President’s impeachment process cries out a majority of the wrong doings that are occurring…

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  • Impeachment Of Obama

    President Obama, is being sued by the house of Representatives. Due to his decision making the House feels like they have been taken advantage of over this situation. We will cover the nature of this suit, and what are its chances of succeeding. Why didn 't the House Impeach President Obama and or if impeachment would be a better option. Also I will show my personal opinion on the political and future bifurcation. Over the years, the House of Representatives voted to lawsuit President Obama…

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  • Earl Warren's Impeachments

    Earl Warren was a former governor and politician of California. He became a chief justice in 1953 and led a court that protected rights of the people who were disfavored and showed a “better way”. Warren had previous experience and knowledge of the states’ rights. It was hard for people to understand Warren and the decisions that he made which caused many disagreements and opinions that soon led to his impeachment. He was looked at as one of the most influential Americans to many people during…

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  • Andrew Johnson Impeachment Analysis

    The Civil War’s conclusion was just but the beginning of a reconstruction period that while remained militaristically peaceful, had a long, arduous road of rebuilding the union. Rising out of poverty in the south, Andrew Johnson, took office following Lincoln’s assassination and now faced the seemingly insurmountable task of mending a split nation. However after Johnson 's continuation of Lincoln 's approach to reconstruction, consisting of lenient policy regarding the South and widespread…

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  • Trial Court Impeachment Essay

    Exam 2 1. Impeachment is the accomplishment of calling into examination the honesty or validity of something. There is a two-step process to the impeachment process. It is looked upon by the House of Representatives, and must pass a simple majority of those present and voting. Upon pass being approved, the offender has been impeached. It’s stated in Article II that the President, Vice President, and all public officers of the U.S shall be detached from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction…

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