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  • Blagojevich Case Study

    Introduction The case of Blagojevich versus the United States involves Blagojevich being accused of a conspiracy to choose Barack Obama’s choice for senate seat in exchange for a job, giving the seat to Jesse Jackson Jr. in exchange for campaign contributions, trying to extort money from campaign contributions from Patrick Magoon who was the President of Children’s Memorial Hospital, and trying to extort money from campaign contributions from John Johnston, who was a horseracing executive. I. Elements of the crime There was allegedly a conspiracy involving Rod Blagojevich committing fraud, bribery and extortion by trying to exchange the Senate seat for a job. He tried to make a political deal with Barack Obama. This deal involved appointing who Obama wanted for the Senate seat, Valerie Jarrett, and if this was done, Blagojevich would, in exchange, get a job provided by Barack Obama, whether it be public service job or for the Obama Administration. In order to be able to prove that Blagojevich had committed fraud, they had to prove that he was able to attain wealth or property by making false promises to people. In other words, he had to deceive people and make personal gain from it. Another charge Blagojevich received involved Blagojevich giving the senate seat to Jesse Jackson Jr. in exchange…

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  • Biden Rule: Speech Analysis

    was a Senator and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (Lerner, Kira). Biden stated that if President H. W. Bush nominated an individual to replace a retiring justice that, "the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over." (Emery, C. 2016) Republicans, mainly Mitch McConnell point to this as evidence that nominations should not be considered during an election year. Mitch…

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  • Voices Of Protest: The Great Depression By Alan Brinkley

    Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlin & The Great Depression by Alan Brinkley is all about the journey of two men during the Great Depression and the overwhelming rise to success. Huey P. Long was a Senator from the swamp state, Louisiana; while Charles E. Coughlin was a Catholic priest from Detroit. The two were from vastly different parts of the country, but they both became two of the most successful leaders in politics during this time period. In all honesty, I did not enjoy this…

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  • Leadership In Julius Caesar

    Rome, or have outside influences over the years blurred the lines so as to create that image of Caesar? Answers to these questions can be found in the analysing of his actions in Rome and the senate over the years, and the manner in which he seemed to persistently and relentlessly…

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  • Debate Speech Example

    MODERATOR, smiles: Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s debate streaming live from Shoreline Amphitheater outside Google headquarters. From all of us here in Mountain View, thanks for joining us. [to the camera] Tonight is the fourth and final presidential debate and voters’ last chance to see the candidates side-by-side before casting their ballots next Tuesday. Much could be determined in the next 90 minutes; so let’s get to it. [turns] To start things off, I’m going to ask that our…

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  • Specific Tones Or Settings In Advertising

    series of video clips with specific words used to arouse fear in the viewers. Words such as “killing Americans”, crisis, “enemies advancing”, scenes were shown of Isis plotting to kill Americans, refugee crisis threatening our county, and burning of the American flag, and Marco Rubio our U.S. Senator, talking about football, or off fundraising while this was taking place ("LEADERSHIP HD," 2016). The lighting was dim in the clips, and the music, and pace set a tone of the coming of doom’s day.…

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  • College Admissions Essay: The Position Of My Family

    This position in the Senate was very advantageous for my family and me. My family is rich and we have many luxuries in our house. For instance, we have murals on our walls, comfortable furniture, and even water pipes. Water is brought into towns in aqueducts they went along lead pipes to individual houses, but only to wealthy houses as ours. We lived in a beautiful house on the hill outside Rome as the city was overcrowded and was the potential source of crime and violence. In fact, Marius the…

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  • Jefferson Smith Goes To Washington Analysis

    Mr. Smith goes to Washington 1. How does Jefferson Smith become a senator? Also, compare his characteristics with the other candidates. Given the difficulty of finding a suitable Senator, just mentioning the name of Jefferson Smith, a young idealist full of innocence and American ideals of democracy, a subject that seems easy to handle and deceive. If Smith already is quite naive, the young man also relies heavily on his colleague, Senator Paine, since he and his father were close friends from…

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  • Mr Smith Goes To Washington Symbolism

    who was selected to replace a departed Senator. He was chosen in hopes to be easily manipulated to help the corrupt political boss Jim Taylor. While Mr. Smith is in Washington, he is learning and mentored by his father’s friend, Senator Joseph Paine. Senator Paine suggests to Mr. Smith that he should create a bill to keep him occupied. As Mr. Smith creates his bill with the help of his secretary Saunders, they stumble upon an inconvenience. Mr. Jefferson sees the corruption within the Senate,…

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  • Education In Texas

    that some political leaders in Texas think that budget cuts and funding in regards to education can be used to manipulate their power and political campaigns in order to forward their agenda. Education is a window to future careers; children and young adults should have access to educational services and/or financial aid no matter what income threshold their families come from. According to the tape "House Support for Senate Budget Unlikely" funding for schools were the center of contention…

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