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  • Super Storm Of 1993 Research Paper

    Have you ever heard or seen a cyclone mixed with a blizzard? Or maybe a storm that affected from Florida to Canada? Well there is such a thing called the Superstorm of 1993. This storm is unique and rare to experience. The Superstorm of 1993 also known as the storm of the century began on March 12th of 1993 and ended on March 14th of 1993. This great storm affected many people in lots of different ways. A blizzard is a snowstorm that contains high winds and usually lasts for three hours. A cyclone is a storm or system of winds that rotates about a center of low atmospheric pressure, and advances at a speed of 20 to 30 miles per hour. Now we are going to get into what was the superstorm of March the 12th - 14th, 1993. The storm was considered a category five storm, which means it was a very extreme storm. The storm also contained three systems: a cyclone, a blizzard and many tornadoes. The Superstorm affected each area in a different way. From flooding on the coast, snowing in the cities and then tornadoes in the South. The lowest temperature recorded for the storm was -12℉. There were over 10 states affected by the massive storm in the United States. Those states include Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Maine, Colorado, West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Louisiana, and the District of Colombia. The areas affected in Canada are in Ontario and Quebec. In…

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  • Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee: An Analysis

    How did the British people see their empire at the end of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century? They saw the Empire evolving and even some devolving. For the people living in the British empire, during the turn of the century, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee was a time of pride and yet a time of growing insecurity about the fate of the nation, because of the concerns with status as an economic power, a strong anti-imperial sentiment was growing, and the resistance in Ireland.…

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  • Personal Fitness Essay

    - On September 16 my brother and I attended the gym. For my warmup I ran a mile to get my blood flowing. I ran my mile in 8:45. Since my goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the semester I need to make sure I work on my cardiovascular health. After our warmup we hopped on the elliptical. We did the elliptical for 8 minutes. After we finished doing the elliptical we went in the sauna for 10 minutes. Starting weight is 245lbs. - On September 17, I decided to go to the gym before I had to work…

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  • Crash Analysis Case Study Answers

    Crash Analysis: The analysis of crash in this case will look at the speed of the vehicles, braking and any line of sight issues. Conservation of Linear Momentum Speed analysis in this case is determined by the use of several speed equations. The first equation is the use of the formula Conservation Of Linear Momentum. (COLM) COLM requires knowledge of the vehicles weights, approach and departure angles and post collision speeds of the vehicles. The vehicle weights were determined in this…

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  • Jewelry Box Essay

    Most valuable jewelry need to be stored well and protected from prying fingers, the light, and dust. A good jewelry box can house your valuable jewelry safely and securely. It must be made of quality materials, meaning that is strong and durable; it can last long and is strong enough to protect your assets. It is very important to pass your jewelry box to your children. A high quality box enables you to pass your family treasures down to your children and grandchildren. A jewelry box should…

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  • Primary Source Analysis Of Shooting An Elephant

    the British Empire as a sub-divisional police officer in the small town of Moulmein in Burma. He does not lead a very fulfilled life, as he dislikes his job working for the British Imperial system and also endures constant hate put upon him by the Burmese people. One day he is informed that a work elephant has gone wild in what is referred to as gone “must”, which is unusually aggressive behaviour from a domesticated animal. The narrator goes to find the animal to assess what steps needed to be…

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  • Community Garden Essay

    The purpose of this paper is to argue for the implementation of an organized community garden program at UC Santa Barbara by first establishing the potential effectiveness of horticulture at advancing access to fresh food and promoting personal wellbeing among the student population. In doing so, this paper will examine several key question regarding the benefits of agricultural production on campus and its feasibility. First, how much food could be grown on campus and how does this compare to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Paranoia

    However, some aspects of everyday life are not what you would expect from a nation of such importance. Firstly, the US customary units of measure, derived from the ancient imperial units, are still in use today in the US, Liberia and Burma. This non-coherent system of measures is difficult, even for the people raised in the country itself. My brother Victor Salas, 13, explains that although he was taught the imperial system at school, he would rather use the metric system, for its simplicity and…

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  • Rain Gutters Case Study

    Gutters are an important part of the roof system on a home or building. Allowing rainwater to simply pour off the roof directly down the sides of a structure can compromise the walls, windows and doors, plus ultimately the structural foundation. Understanding how to install gutters properly can be vital in protecting a home or building. How to Install Gutters Replacing old gutters on a home follows roughly the same steps as a first-time gutter installation. The biggest difference between the…

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  • My Food Intake Tracker

    On the three day of my food intake tracker I found out a general idea of what I 'm really butting in to my body. In some of my meals I meet and in others i didn 't the recommendations by the dietary intake by choose website. I will anylize each food group on each intake of the three days recorded. The my platte website breaks down the foods in to five groups that are the building blocks for a good diet. The groups are, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein foods and Dairy. Each…

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