German Shepherd Dog

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  • German Shepherd Dog Essay

    A heroic story told on dog in the year 2000 on August fourteenth created through KidzSource tells the story of a German shepherd dog who saves the lives of her beloved family. “Shelby became the 45th Skippy Dog Hero of the Year for saving two adults and two children from carbon monoxide poisoning. The dog (with her keen sense of smell) was the first to detect the rising C0 levels while the rest of the family was asleep, nudging each of them out of their sleep and refused to stop barking, scratching, and whining until the family was safely outside. Luckily, each family member was treated at a nearby hospital and made a full recovery”. Today I will be talking about the German Shepherd dog breed. The origin of this breed dates back…

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  • 5-Year-Old Dog Speech

    5-year-old German Shepard is not as active as he has once been. Of course he 's getting older, we all are, but something isn 't right with him. It isn 't that same energetic pup who was excited to greet you at the door, bark at the delivery guy, and chase squirrels through the window. He 's starting to move slower, doesn 't really bother following you around when you 're having a snack for yourself, and his stride isn 't as proud as it has once been. Even though you figure it is just his old…

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  • Canine Olfactory-Shepherd

    perception has not been studied amid many researchers, but is assumed to play a role in both dog breed and experience. Tacher, Robin, Rooney, Bradshaw, Adamkiewicz, and Jezierski conducted studies on breed differences in scent detection capabilities, but did not include an adequate amount of evidence. Researchers Nathaniel Hall, Kelsey Glenn, David Smith, and Clive Wynne then came along to study dog breeds’ olfactory discrimination performance. Pugs, German shepherds, and greyhounds were…

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  • Puppy Mill Case Study

    health problems can be diseases. Diseases is a big problem in puppy mills because of its unclean environment. Also, they can have injuries that have not been treated properly, which can eventually even lead to death. Additionally, in the breeding stock many problems can occur. These problems range from blood diseases to neurological disorders. As I have seen with my dog, she has many neurological disorders from coming from this environment. She has no peripheral vision and exhibits a lot of…

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  • K-9 Dogs Research Papers

    bunch of dogs that have been taught good tricks that are silly. However, the dogs that make up the K-9 unit have a lot of rich history that has changed the lives of many communities. These dogs have saved people’s lives in combat and in searching for some of the worst criminals that the world have known. The K-9’s are also thought to be man’s best friend because they truly are the reason for why people feel so safe within a large community. These dogs also happen to be the reason why the police…

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  • Pastoral Roles

    we can take away that one pastoral role could be a friend. A friend is someone who is always honest with you, is always real and genuine with you, and is someone who can care and be there for you. I think from the characteristic named Tony is more than just a guy that preaches every Sunday, to the people in this congregation, he is a friend. Another think I noticed from the words listed, is that a lot of people named things such as shepherd, leader, warrior, teacher, and wise, to emphasize…

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  • Pit Bulls Essay

    the German Shepherd is an “all-purpose” service dog. They are generally large in size, swift, intelligent, and powerful. The ancestry of the German Shepherd, much like that of many canines, was originated from “herding and farm dogs.” The association of the German Shepherd to man was comradeship and service. German Shepherds are known for their “loyalty, courage, and ability to assimilate…” The successful training of this canine should yield well-ordered manners and control of anticipations. As…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Service Dogs

    Every day the Facebook newsfeed is filled with videos of dogs performing tricks, playing with children, and getting into mischief. Dog videos on Youtube get millions of views and shares around the world. Owners can take their pets to doggy daycare for playtime, to salons for shampoos and pedicures, and pet stores for holiday outfits. Some people may find this kind of attention excessive, but dogs have always been considered “man’s best friend.” There is another group of dogs, however, who make…

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  • Informative Essay On German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Names German Shepherd is a dog breed that originated in Germany. They are used before as guards for sheeps, protecting the flock from predators. This dog breed is known for their intelligence and good working ability. German Shepherds can learn new task quite easily and is useful for police and tracking operations. Now, if you happen to own a German Shepherd, you’re in luck. This dog is one of the most loyal and protective breeds around. They are also known to be safe and are…

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  • Animal Domestication Theory

    The domestic dog (Canis familiaris) was the first animal species to be domesticated by humans. They were tamed from Eurasian gray wolves (Canis lupus), and genetic studies revealed that this domestication could have occurred up to 40,000 years ago. There are many theories to how humans began taming wolves. One theory was that wolves began following people around in order to more easily acquire food and that the ‘tamer’ wolves were kept as pets. As people began acquiring these wolves they began…

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