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  • Favelas In Brazil

    Brazil is one of the most urbanised countries in the world and is populated with 207 million people. The tourist wonder of the world is known for its beautiful mountains and love for soccer however the country is home to one of the poorest places in the world. Favelas, as locals call them, are huge slum areas located in Brazil. Home to 11 million people around the country, there are over 1600 Favelas just in Sao Paulo and these Favelas are only expanding. What are some size and characteristics of Brazilian Slums?: Favelas populate a minimal amount of space for the amount of people living in slums. Favelas in Brazil contain many 3 story buildings because people sell their roof to other slum dwellers and give them permission to build their home on top of theirs. Favelas are also located on hills, so it is harder for the authorities to get into the Favelas1. This also limits the amount of space these massive slum areas occupy. Although Favelas are considered slums, many residents use their homes as businesses which makes…

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  • Classicism In Brazil

    The music of Brazil was formed from the mixture of European, African and indigenous elements, brought by Portuguese settlers, slaves and by the natives who inhabited the so-called New World. Other influences have been added throughout history, establishing a huge variety of musical styles. At the time of the discovery of Brazil, the Portuguese were amazed at the natives ' way of dressing and the way they made music: singing, dancing, playing instruments (rattles, flutes, drums). Brazilian music…

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  • Similarities Of Brazil

    The people of Brazil and Bolivia both faced problems unique to their political and environmental climates. Across both countries the poor suffer from specific acute problems, for instance the people of Brazil suffer from issues of housing and environmental loss. The people of Bolivia had a different problem, particularly in the town of Cochabamba who fought for basic necessities against a totalitarian government and a massive international company. Ultimately all of these groups achieved some…

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  • Black In Brazil

    explores the South American country of Brazil in his second episode of Black in Latin America. More than 75 million people of African descent inhabit Brazil which makes it the second largest population of black people in the world. There are many aspects of African culture, traditions, and values very alive in Brazil. Brazil was the first country to claim it was free of racism, but the last country in the western hemisphere to abolish slavery. Gates visits different cities and speaks to…

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  • Impeachment In Brazil

    Notably, in Latin America, especially in Brazil, development has grown both economically and for individuals in the region. Although, since the beginning, there were a few obstacles in the way of the country’s ability to grow effectively and maintain its state capacity (issues facing Brazil’s state capacity exists today, and impedes the countries consolidation for Democracy). Not to mention, the Brazilian President’s impeachment process cries out a majority of the wrong doings that are occurring…

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  • Brazil Essay

    many plants Brazil has? It has over 200 species of delicate orchids, and the world’s largest variety of palms. Brazil is everything you could ask for, tropical weather, mountains,plains, jungles, valleys, rurals and urban areas. Brazil has great land for many uses. Brazil has a great soil for farming. They have tropical rain forest in the amazon where you can see all the animals and smell all the flowers, hear the bird chirping and feel the trees and the breeze and occasionally you can feel…

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  • Diversity In Brazil

    With an enormous population of 205,823,665, Brazil is the largest country located in South America. (The World Factbook, 2016) Brazil is a beautiful country filled with a diverse collection of citizens and cultures. Even though there is diversity amongst cultures, their language is what unites the people of Brazil and something almost 100% of Brazilians have in common. Portuguese is the most commonly spoken language in Brazil. (Advameg, Inc., 2016) Many may have the misconception that Spanish is…

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  • Brazil Democracy

    It has been said that the road to hell is paved by good intentions, but is that really the case for Brazil in our present day? From riots to government corruption, Brazil has been struggling to remain a stable democracy. What went wrong in Brazil’s democracy to cause all this outrage? Is Brazil truly a democracy? Brazil has been through some turbulent events in the past couple of years where the people of Brazil have broken out in riots and protests against the government. The height of these…

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  • Utilitarianism In Brazil

    As with any developed country, government exists in Brazil to establish and enforce policy and to protect its citizens. However, a governments original purpose can become distorted in certain societies due to a competing worldview. With this is mind, we will examine the purpose for Brazil’s government and if their current worldview has manipulated this purpose. Brazil’s government is a Democratic Federative Republic with a Presidential system. The government itself is defined by the Federal…

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  • Syncretism In Brazil

    Syncretism generally refers to the process of reconciling or melding of differing views or beliefs or uses. This can happen deliberately, or by a characteristic, oblivious procedure. Pretty much discrete societies that come into contact with each other, either through topographical vicinity, relocation, triumph, exchange and investigation, or in different ways, will begin to syncretize parts of every society. A blend is a similitude for a general public where a wide range of sorts of individuals…

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