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  • Police Breaking News

    The Ottawa Post Breaking News! Canadian Soldier Shot and Killed by a Terrorist! On October 22, 2014, Military attendant Nathan Cirillo, was shot and killed by Islamic terrorist while guarding a war memorial. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, apparent to be a madman, was the killer. “ He got out of his car with a blue and white checkered bandana covering his mouth, and a rifle in his hand. He ran up to one of the guards and shot him. Everyone was terrified” says an eyewitness, Sherrin Viscott. After he had shot Cirillo, Zehaf-Bibeau fled to Parliament hill, just up the road, with police on his heals. The murderer was finally shot and killed after many attempts. “ He kept firing back at us.” says a police officer that was in the chase , Steve Rition. After Zehaf-Bibeau was killed, the downtown core of Ottawa was on lockdown for several hours while police searched for potential additional threats.…

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  • The Importance Of Breaking Bad News

    Robert Buckman was the first researcher to define bad news in 1994.He defined bad news as any information which negatively alters one’s expectations for the future, this definition is one of the most famous and common definitions of bad news. According this definition any situation where there is either a feeling of no hope, a threat to a person's well-being, risk of altering an established lifestyle, or any a message which conveys to an individual fewer choices in his or her life is…

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  • Breaking News About School Shootings

    Breaking News: There are reports of a school shooting, this simple phrase sends a chill down any parent’s spine. In recent years, as there have been lots of school shooting from an elementary school in Connecticut to a college in Arizona. Parents will always say that the safest place for any child is the home, but when they are away from the home they feel that the school grounds are the second best place for their child to be. If they would talk to those parents that sent their children to…

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  • Analysis Of The Shallows: This Is Your Brain Online

    As consumers in the digital age, we are constantly exposed to news stories in a variety of different ways through digital media channels. Due to the vast amount of information available, different media channels are able to convey the same story in many different ways. Depending on the platform, consumers are exposed to a certain story, that may encourage different behaviors and highlight different information based on where they are viewing the story. Snapchat (Daily Mail), ABC News, and…

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  • Breaking Bad Film Techniques

    Gilligan’s American crime drama television series called Breaking Bad can be categorized as an addiction for many viewers. Walter H. White can be considered as a genius chemist, but instead of working as a scientist and earning his well deserved fame and money, he works as a chemistry teacher in an Albuquerque, New Mexico High School. His already pathetic life is turned upside down after being diagnosed with stage three terminal lung cancer, and given a short amount of time left to live. In…

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  • Breaking Bad Skyler White Analysis

    Anyone who’s watched American television knows all too well the trope of the bumbling husband who is constantly reprimanded by his naggy wife. In the hit AMC show Breaking Bad, this view is no different; While Walter White continues down his spiral into depravity as chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin, his wife Skyler is often portrayed as demeaning, argumentative, and a hurdle to leap over by both the audience and the characters. However, while many will argue that Skyler’s presense furthers…

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  • Breaking News: Media Negatively Impacts People

    Breaking News: Media Negatively Impacts People When I was younger, I stood on my tippy toes to reach the top of the television while stretching my arms up to put the VHS tape into the player. This massive TV was at least five feet tall and three feet wide with a big screen. My parents proudly placed it in the corner and moved all the furniture in a semicircle around it. When flat screens came along, we hauled the huge one down to the curb and replaced it with one that gave us more room,…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Good Breaking Bad

    It is common to hear individuals with the hopes of starting a company or releasing a new product say that they are taking this step because they want to create a legacy for future generations. However, if everything goes wrong and they are unsuccessful, some pick themselves up and try again, while others end up working for another person and are bitter for the rest of their lives. This can get to a person 's head as the greed and the continual want for what they could have had, forces them to do…

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  • Breaking Bad: The Unexpected Life Of A Chemistry Teacher

    Essay 2 Prepare for the Show Every once in a while, something comes along in this world that is special. It has the potential to change everything about the way you look at the world. Breaking Bad has done exactly that. Its premise is simple:the unexpected life of a chemistry teacher. Any more information and I may risk ruining this unique show for you. And I have the feeling you are specifically going to enjoy this show. You need to be the type of person who listens and pays attention to all…

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  • Breaking Bad Analysis

    In this increasingly media-driven society, competition in the entertainment industry to create the next big hit is fierce; it seems as though new shows assault our televisions in a ceaseless stream. Despite this influx of shows, it oftentimes feels as though nothing exceptional is offered to viewers; ideas are simply reused instead of created. Every now and again, however, audiences are wholly captivated by a show with a brilliance that far surpasses its competitors. When thinking of notable…

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