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  • The General Crime Analysis

    The General (1998) and the Opportunism of Crime: An Analysis of the Historical Rise of the Middle Class Prosperity in Ireland in the 1990s This film study will define the opportunism o crime in the film The General by John Boorman to describe the rise of an Irish middle class in a crime genre setting. Martin Cahill (Brendan Gleeson) is a leader of a gang of thieves that continually humiliates authority figures in the context of a trickster in the criminal underworld of Hollyfield, a slum in Dublin. However, Cahill purchases a home in a middle class area, which defines the increasingly middle class evolution of Ireland’s economy in the 1990s. This type of class mobilization defines the underlying theme of crime as a way to redistribute goods…

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  • The Voyage Of Saint Brendan Analysis

    Voyage of Saint Brendan, which follows Saint Brendan and his brothers as they embark on their journey in search of the Promised Land of the Saints. Throughout their legendary seven-year journey, Brendan and his followers encounter an assortment of animals such as sheep, birds, a whale, and a devouring beast – all of which are allegories that allude to the central theme of the Last Judgment. This eschatological theme is conveyed through the helpful or threatening nature of these creatures,…

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  • State Boys Rebellion Video Analysis

    While watching the institutional videos, I could not help but think about how the residents felt while living in such horrible institutions. Throughout the clips, there was a common theme within each that the residents of institutions were not treated the same as many other civilians. The residents were treated horrible along with the conditions of the institutions being horrendous and unbearable for them. It was clear that the employees did not care about the residents. The videos on Pennhurst,…

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  • The Theme Of Courage In Braveheart, By Mel Gibson

    the desire to free the people from the English oppression, Wallace becomes a single minded. As both actor and director, Gibson makes an interesting decision to choose to play Wallace after the tragedy which is almost something inhuman in the time of battles: he is nearly merciless instrument of the death. But, Wallace who is too human use his ability for inspiring men to support him in the battle even against the seemingly obstacles that should be managed by his own desire to make other people…

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