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  • Pros And Cons Of Breast Implants

    augmentation which serves to reshape or increase the size of the breast. The silicone implant is inserted by a surgeon through an incision, lifting the breast tissue, and into a pocket created within the breast. There are other alternatives besides silicone implants such as saline implants or fat transfer, but the most popular remains as the silicon implant. The risks of this procedure include scar tissue that forms and squeezes around the implant as well as, rupture of the implant. Each complications can result in additional surgeries to fix the implant or to remove it. (Risks of Breast Implants) Although not surgical, tanning is another procedure that offers immediate results with little effort. Facing the sun’s UV rays is inevitable but…

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  • Jenny Jones's Opinions About Breast Implants

    Natalie Portman once stated “Breast implants gross me out. I don’t think they are attractive at all.” There are various opinions among women regarding breast implants. Some women may assume breast implants make their breasts look more appealing while some may not envisage likewise. Moreover, Kate Winslet also affirmed “Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who they are. But, it makes these people, actors especially, fantasy figures for a fantasy world. Acting is about being…

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  • The Three Amigos: A Short Story

    We’ll let you sleep and see you again, later today,” said Dr. King. “Ok,” I mumbled, too tired to say much else. I slept. I woke several hours later when a nurse came and checked on me. She also instructed me on how to use the pain pump. “Any questions,” she asked when she was done explaining. “Yes,” I said after I had ran my hands across my mummified wrapped upper torso, which my breasts felt like they were about to explode out of. “Why am I swelling,” I asked? “You just had surgery.” The…

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  • Plastic Surgery

    Furthermore, when a woman tries to breast-feed breast implantation increase the likelihood of insufficient lactation and also interfere with mammography. Plastic Surgery Besides that, liposuction is another plastic surgical procedure that carries a serious potential risk. The most important risks include infection, damage to skin, nerves, or vital organs, fat or blood clots that can migrate to the lungs, leading to death, and excessive fluid loss that can lead to shock or death. In…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Teens Have Plastic Surgery?

    ages 13-17 adolescents grow and change rapidly due to hormones. It is impossible to exactly predict how a person will develop because we don’t grow in patterns or all develop the same. Plastic surgery may interrupt or jump ahead of a teen’s development. An adolescent could later regret the surgery due to unforeseen changes. If a teenager has surgery to enlarge her breasts at 16 for example but develops larger breasts at 20 she wasted money and needlessly put her health at risk. There wasn’t an…

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  • The Importance Of Plastic Surgery

    Summary: Finding an apt plastic surgeon is very important for the success of any plastic surgery technique. Have you finally decided to rectify that imperfection that has been driving you crazy? Have you finally decided to plunge in and undergo plastic surgery? You have researched on all the literature, explored the web, you have imagined yourself with your new nose, breasts or lips, and all that remains is to find the outright best doctor to implement the surgery. It might appear easy and…

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  • Cosmetic Surgery Influence

    teenagers as it is for adults. Teens are told "more and more teens are choosing cosmetic surgery" in magazines and on other social networking sites. Even mothers and daughters are getting cosmetic surgery together as if it is completely normal. “In 2012, more than 236,00 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients between 13 and 19, including more than 75,000 surgical procedures such as nose reshaping, breast lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks” (Zuckerman 1). Very few…

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  • Plastic Surgery Colonialism

    Coercion, & Colonialism Cosmetic surgery has grown tremendously since it was World War II, when it was first used to help injured soldiers reconstruct their damaged bodies. Over the years, more and more people, mostly women, have been getting plastic surgery for fact that they don’t feel beautiful enough. Kathryn Pauly Morgan points to the rise of woman getting plastic surgery and how women 's bodies have become seen as a representation of how woman should look rather than embracing women for…

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  • Why Is Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

    naturally more progressed in countries where war is a big issue: this is why it has improved dramatically during the 20th century, when the big wars had place and lots of soldiers’ faces and bodies were disfigured by all sorts of arms. Plastic surgery is very advanced in middle-east countries as well, especially in Israel, for the exact same reason. These are the main differences between the two types of surgery, which actually can be further divided in other branches like aesthetic surgery,…

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  • Understandable Self Appearance

    Is it understandable and normal that people concerning on their appearance? Nowadays, many people raising a concern about people over concern about their appearance. In some cases, people would even over makeup themselves in order to provide the best appearance to others or even more extreme ways such as doing cosmetic surgery. However, people are starting to raise a concern that, the level of concerning about owns appearance has already gone too far, it ends up to be unacceptable and abnormal.…

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