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  • Summary: Broken Tooth Brewing

    Broken Tooth is connected to both Bear Tooth and Moose’s Tooth however, a primary market of Broken Tooth is Alaska’s brewery industry. The nature of competition amongst the brewing companies in Alaska is growing. In 1986 the brewing company in Alaska was created in the past 30 years and the chart above that shows the current and the near future brewery count in Alaska has grown to over 30 (ADN, 2016). Many brewery owners have previously worked for each other or with one another. One example is that the head brewer of Moose’s Tooth Brewing Co., now known as Broken Tooth Brewing, created his own brewing company in 2012. He was able to harness the knowledge he learned from the company to create his own and now hopes to compete with Broken Tooth…

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  • Palmetto Brewing Company Case Study

    Palmetto Brewing Company is the oldest and one of the largest craft microbreweries in South Carolina. It was the first brewery to open in Charleston since Prohibition, taking its name from the original Palmetto Brewery that operated in historic downtown Charleston from before the Civil War until sometime after the turn of the 20th century (Falkenstein, 2015). According to the Brewers Association, the term “microbrewery” is defined as a brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels (17,600…

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  • External Analysis: The Boston Craft Brewing Industry

    External Analysis While there are many similarities between large beer producers and smaller craft breweries, the content of this report will focus attention solely on the craft brewing market. Within the topics below, I will give an overview of external factors that have an impact on the Boston Beer Company. Economy In 2012, the craft brewing industry as a whole earned $10 billion in revenue; and increase of 32% over the previous year (Goddard, 2016). By 2014, the volume share for craft…

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  • Sab Millers Case Study

    serve its customers. Our objective was to understand how & why SAB has with stood the test of time and becoming one of the major role players in its industry, for our research we used two books, a journal we got from 2nd Avenue library and internet sources. It took us time to find the relevant information on micro-environment & macro-environment but we had to search thoroughly for information in books, journals and the internet to get the well thought research assignment. We analysed the…

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  • Oggi's Competitive Advantage

    There are three other competitive restaurants in my neighborhood that cater to sports bar themes and about seven competitive family style restaurants that are all capable of taking revenue away from Oggi’s. Of the other sports bars, Buffalo Wild Wings is the only one that I can think of that is marketed and known for sports, beer, and food just like Oggi’s. What makes Oggi’s different over Buffalo Wild Wings are the microbrewery and the overall quieter atmosphere. Oggi’s centers around the…

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  • Otto Dilba Case Study: Ale Asylum

    Intense is one word that could be used to describe meeting Otto Dilba, one of the owners of Ale Asylum. His passion for his company, which open in 2006 with his partner and brew master, Dean Coffey as well as five silent partners, was evident throughout our interview. Otto holds a degree in marketing and previously worked in bars to put himself through college. After college, he worked for a graphic design firm for three years when Dean approached Otto about opening a brewery. Dean was…

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  • Lagunitas Brewing Company Case Study

    financial position and value of the company very strong and powerful. Heineken, established in 1864, is one of the leading brewers and marketers of premium beer. Lagunitas is the fifth largest brewing company in the United States and Heineken is the third largest brewery in the world. This helps the future of Lagunitas tremendously because this will allow Lagunitas to export their craft beers globally. Lagunitas will continue to operate independently in the US with many of the same leadership…

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  • Case Study Of The Anheuser Busch Company

    refrigerated railcars, and saw the opportunity to build something great together. Within 25 years of starting the company, they were the nation’s largest brewery, breaking the 1 million barrels sold mark. Since then, Anheuser Busch (AB) has grown substantially into a multi-billion dollar corporation that serving their 42 brands to customers all over the world. Discussion One of AB’s most famous brands is Budweiser. Budweiser is brewed at 12 breweries across the continental United States,…

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  • SWOT Analysis: Hockley Valley Brewing

    Weaknesses: • New location is in industrial complex, so brewery storefront makes minimal sales. • Operating at only 50% of its capacity. • Hockley Classic takes longer to produce. • Factory production costs of Hockley Classic are 50% more than ales. • Factory doesn’t have enough capacity to produce Hockley Classic and all their current products. • Some beers are only available seasonally and in certain, limited, geographic regions. Opportunities • Supported by local Orangeville residents. •…

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  • Fat Tire Case Study

    First, in order to acquaint New Belgium products into new markets, the company should employ a specialized sales team that will go into local bars and pubs and buy New Belgium products for locals. This will begin the grassroots campaign which New Belgium has thrived upon throughout their history. In order to keep the company culture in the new eastern brewery, the co-founders Jeff and Kim Lebesch should be sent to head the new branch. Because the culture and values are already entrenched in the…

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