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  • Analysis Of Bohemian Rhapsody

    I believe that they may have used heavy panning to make the song sound as though a large orchestra and choir are performing it. Some examples of where they have used panning are: - Harmonies in the opening section are panned on both sides. - On the vocals (0:36) the line “little high, little low” is panned fully left first and then fully right. - In the opera section (beginning at 3:02) there are many examples of use of the stereo field including “Thunderbolts and lightning” and “Galileo” which is sung at first in a falsetto voice panned one way then Mercury’s lower voice on the other side. Although most of the panning occurs on the many vocal tracks, there are a few guitar sections that are panned, in some cases they are double tracked with one track playing on the left and the other on the right. Despite attempting to find information from various sources about the heavy use of panning in the version I analysed, I only found information about the more recent 5.1 surround mix. In keeping with the idea that they were trying to use orchestral sounds, Brian May says “So over there what you have is, kind of, in my mind, a trumpet section” (Queen, Queen, The DVD Collection: Greatest Video Hits 1, 2002). However this is played on…

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  • Child Development Case Study

    there are red flags that indicate developmental issues and give recommendations for screening tools, guidelines, and management strategies for the caregiver and patient. Case Study The case I was assigned was of a 30-month-old boy named Brian that presents for a well visit. Brian can walk and run independently, climb stairs…

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody Analysis

    The use of chromatic side- slipping when the words “easy come, easy go” are sang, gives emphasis to the dream like tone. A piano and bass guitar beginning to play marks the transition from the introduction to the ballad. After a few seconds the vocals enter and start singing in a softly sung manor. After mercury sings a couple lines starting with “mama”; his voice progressively turns from soft to extremely passionate. At the same time, there is a modulation to a new key as the drums come in.…

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  • Should Millennials Be Allowed In The Hunger Games

    Participation Trophies Hinder Kids "If I play a whole game I get a whole snow cone, but if I play a half a game I still get a whole snow cone. It's a whole snow cone either way. I'd rather play half a game." This quote is from one of Brian Regan's performances, "Lousy in Little League", where he talks about the new social norm of rewarding children for participating. While Brian Regan is a comedian, and this was meant to be funny, it does have some truth. Just as Brian Regan said, children…

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  • Character Analysis Essay On The Breakfast Club

    Brian: The Relatable Nerd High school: the time in everyone’s life where they can experience new things about themselves and the world around them. “The best four years of your life” people say. But is it really? For Brian Johnson, that is not the case necessarily. Between juggling the weight of his multiple academic clubs, his academic success, and maintaining his reputation in his parent’s eyes Brian seems to have a pretty busy life. But one Saturday that all changes. Surrounded by a group of…

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  • The Canadian Senate: Chamber Of Sober Reflection By David C. Docherty

    Docherty provides answers on how to fix the undemocratic nature of senate selection and the inability of senators to represent provinces properly. Docherty (2002) proposes that the senate could be fixed through having an equal senate proportion throughout every province so it can represent regional interests more effectively and lessen the disparities between each province. Also, Docherty (2002) proposes that the experiment of Brian Mulroney, to appoint Senators from a list provided by the…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Significant Day In My Life

    intelligent, and always quick to crack a joke. Her wit was one of the things I loved most about her. She was always cheering everyone up, no matter what kind of a day she had. Pam was very kind-hearted, but at the same time would stand up for not only herself, but anyone else who needed it. Ever since I can remember, she had long white hair. Her face was rounded, and her cheeks were always a rosy red. She always wore different colors and types of glasses. Pam never seemed old to me, even though…

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  • Sexual Assault: A Short Story

    Your sister is relentlessly struggling from your sexual assault. Tears are flowing down her cheek and her mascara is ruining her beautiful complexion. It appears the alcohol she consumed is wearing off. It will be a hassle, if she remembers the the next day of her rape. Even more troubling, if she reports the rape to the police or your parents. -You need to think of another solution to make her more gullible. You release your hold on Katie's arms and sat beside her. You smile pleasantly to…

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  • Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think By Brian Wansink

    Mindless Eating: Why we Eat More Than We Think was written by nutritional scientist, Brian Wansink. As a nutritional scientist, Professor Wansink studied the psychology behind why people actually eat and what influences over eating. He has spent the entirety of his career studying and trying to comprehend the “hidden cues” that determine what, why, and how humans eat, his study is targeted toward the American population. In the beginning of the book Wansink takes the time to explain that this is…

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  • The Westminster System

    amendment to the Constitution to allow for an elected Senate appears to be an impossible as well by the declaration by the province of Quebec that it is unwilling to negotiate on the issue alone. Attempts at Senate reform have been far and few, with both P.E. Trudeau and Brian Mulroney during their time as Prime Minister taking measures to try and remedy the situation; in recent times it has been undertaken by Stephen Harper and now Justin Trudeau. Trudeau Sr. introduced a means of reform for…

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