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  • Sage Chapel Architecture Description

    The brickwork is English bond. The mortar closely resembles the color of the brick for a seamless transition between the two. There is a running course of black bricks that bisect the aisle windows around the façades of the building. On the west façade of the Memorial Antechapel is a stone string course compiled of the same limestone used for the foundation. The string course is downward and is approximately a foot in length. The string course continues along the side of the building towards the north façade of the Nave where it lowers below the line of windows. From there, the string course continues on behind the main porch entrance and wraps around the northwest transept also skipping the former porch and onto the west façade of the northwest transept…

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  • Randy Pausch Speech Analysis

    Randy Pausch, a professor of computer science and Virtual Reality creation at CMU, creatively delivers his speech titled, “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” He speaks to the audience in a very informal manner, making himself more approachable and easy to listen to. He introduces his three main speech topics in the beginning, His Childhood Dreams, Enabling the Dreams of Others, and Lessons Learned. His first main point, His Childhood Dreams, is one where he looks back…

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  • Nonprofit Housing

    schemed and textures are available to meet the design criteria. Using red bricks enhance the looks of the building to add to the aesthetics. Red bricks are sustainable because at the Sekeping Terasek retreat house, it is used mostly at the ground floor and outside. This is because of the high thermal mass properties of clay bricks, which maintains a steady level of heat energy for a prolonged period. The main factors that encourage the use of clay brick in this environment are as follows: •…

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  • Personal Narrative: My View On The Homeless

    Throughout much of my life, I was afraid of the homeless and thought they were disgusting. I constantly avoided them, acting like they didn’t exist. Until one day, I was forced to interact with a homeless person while waiting to be picked up from the gym. At first I was terrified, but I quickly realized that he held no ill intentions. He was in his late twenties, and we began talking about sports. Soon after, he told me about how he ended up homeless. He had lost all of his money on sports…

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  • Language Land And Residential Schools Case Study

    Critical Summary 3: Chapter 8 “Language, Land, and the Residential Schools” In this Case Study, Williston explains that the residential school system deprives First Nations of their language and identity. This practice of shaming, is a political attempt to make the rejection of land rights easier through less opposition. As Williston says “to deprive them of the language is to deprive them of the sense of place that had defined them for thousands of years” (245). The way Frist Nations use…

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  • Indian Credit Rating Agency Case Study

    corporate finance programme for India’s top CEO’s organised in collaboration with Citibank. IPCL got bond rated for and slowly other companies also followed and In the mid 1990’s Finance ministry discussed with Shah for the policy measures, with this growth Malaysia and Israel started their rating agencies So as the trend continues, IFCI an financial institution with D.N Nadar and D.N Gosh to develop an new rating agency called Credit Rating Agency of India which later known as ICRA and later…

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  • My Big Fat Greek Culture Analysis

    Gus takes clear pride in claiming to be able to refer any word to its Greek origin and while it’s very much humorous in the film considering he makes half of it up there is an element of truth to that. The Greek language has lent us the brickwork for more than a few word prefixes over the years including but not limited to Biology, which takes its root from “Bio” which means “life” in Greek and Metaphor which takes its root from “Meta” meaning after. This is because of just how far their culture…

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  • Margaret Atwood's Death By Landscape

    loneliness are constant themes in this short story. In this paper, I will argue that she is able to use nature to represent the overall story and make it a significant aspect of the reading. Then, I will demonstrate how Atwood represents this message through her careful use of diction, and effective descriptions of places and events that take place. Atwood uses nature to represent a theme in this short story through many significant aspects of Lois’ life. These include the fact that Lois…

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  • Organic Art Nouveau Essay

    geometric lines to shape a simple, box resembled house. Art Nouveau uses wavy, asymmetrical, and complex designs to build a decorative house. In my opinion, Art Nouveau seems like the type of architectural style that would require a lot of effort and patience. The detailing of the interior and exterior of the house will require the most time and the homeowners are in their mid fifties, therefore, I would not recommend them to build a house to this design era. Also time = money so this style of…

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  • North Church Case Study

    give the building a more structured look and show that the town has not drifted from its colonial roots. The brick also provides the building at the time a more “colonial” take on a church. The sharp edges and rectangular structure shows how the church was not built for an intricate design, but for a functional purpose. One limitation of using brick to build the church is that it must be a plain, rectangular shape and does not give the architect much room for creative design. By using brick…

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