Bohemian Rhapsody Controversy

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Music is claimed to be subjective, meaning that everyone has his or her own personal style and taste. Musical subjectivity claims that everyone’s’ favorite singer is the best to them, and that another persons preference has no relevance to another. That statement denies that there could objectively be a best singer of all time. Which can be a very dangerous slope to go down, for if one claims that no one could ever be the best, they are denying the fact that Freddie Mercury is indeed that greatest singer of all time. With his 4-octave vocal range to his vocal transparency, and with his vocal dynamics, proves that he is in fact the greatest of all time.
“A killer queen” and “dynamite with a laser beam”, perhaps Freddie was referring to his own powerful vocal presence with these lyrics. Rightly so, for no other singers dynamic voice has stirred emotions like Freddie Mercury’s. It has been said that “Bohemian Rhapsody” still showcases unrivaled vocal talent since its release 41 years ago. Indeed its true, for no pop song since then has been written in 6 distinct parts, each showcasing a different aspect of Freddie Mercury’s extraordinary vocal talent. Others claim that music genius Brian Wilson’s “Good
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If vocal transparency alone can determine whether or not someone is the greatest singer of all time, then Freddie Mercury wins again. If one listens to Robert Plant sing “Custard Pie”, one may be lucky to pick up two out of every five words that are sung, but when you listen to Freddie Mercury sing one can clearly hear every word that is sung. Let us not forget that every band has at least one song where you cant clearly hear what is being sung, but no one has ever had the problem of understanding Freddie’s lyrics. So if vocal transparency is the sole basis for determining who is the best, then Freddie Mercury wins

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