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  • In Queens Balking At Change

    “In Queens, Balking at Change, Even if It’s Called Improvement.”(NYTimes,Turkewitz) , and “From Exclusionary Covenant to Hyper-Ethnic Diversity” (Geographical Review,Miyares) by Vincent Irizarry Gentrification is an issue that entails complications for those living within a community that is being changed. Gentrification means the process of urban renewal throughout areas within the city. Julie Turkewitz, a reporter who specializes in Latin American studies investigates a proposed Business Improvement District in the incredibly diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. Through her article "In Queens, Balking at Change, Even if It 's Called Improvement" Turkewitz finds an ethnic enclave that fears a loss of culture if the Business District…

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  • Red Queen Character Analysis

    “Words can lie.” It is unknown who said this quote. Mare Barrow the main character arrives at the Silver Palace, the Silvers Palace is for the people whose blood is Silver. Mare meets Cal the first silver prince and Maven the second silver prince, Mare has to marry Maven because she is the Red princesses because Mare has red blood. Maven tells Mare lies and when she finds out it is far too late, Mare and Cal then have to fight for their lives. In the novel Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, a theme…

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  • Mycerinus And His Queen Analysis

    tell stories of royalty, reveal the nuances between different culture and present historical facts. Egypt, a country that has literally and figuratively been painting pictures of their world through art since the start of time, have many particular pieces of art that tell more than just seen. The sculpture Mycerinus and his queen, from the time period 2532-2504 BCE represents many ideals and truths about ancient Egypt. This sculpture holds true the anatomical human form; however, many aspects of…

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  • The Snow Queen Play Analysis

    The Snow Queen Recently, I had the chance to see The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson at Park Square Theater. The play presented itself different from the time the viewer walked in. When walking in, viewers were greeted with a friendly staff, whose goal was to make each persons view easier and more enjoyable. At first glance, the stage looked different from what most would come to expect. The theater itself appeared clean and prepared for an audience expecting something similar to…

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  • Queen Lenara Edhelbor: A Short Story

    The guards' armor could be heard making its way down the halls even from where she sat, rhythmic and purposeful. All this posturing was tiresome. Such a big show to be made, yet by day's end, it meant nothing. Truly, they could not afford to waste such effort. However, appearances must be kept, and Queen Lenara Edhelbor knew the consequences for failure; they were too dire to risk. Nearly two years since Meike had been in the homeland state, two years since her and Sir Cedric Balthair Leandro…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Queen And King Lear

    King Lear and The Queen Comparative Essay Stephen Frears’s 2006 movie ‘The Queen’ and William Shakespeare’s performance of ‘King Lear’ written in the 16th centaury both share the common universal themes of power of nature and power of words. This essay will show readers the similarities and the different on how both composers use their different techniques to betray each of the themes. At the beginning of the Queen Stephen Frears includes intertextuality a quote from Shakespeare. The quote…

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  • The Queens Borough Public Library: Business Analysis

    The Queens Borough Public Library (also known as Queens Library) is one of the three library systems operating in New York City. The library has 62 locations all across Queens. Volunteering at the library for the past two summers has allowed me to further understand how Queens Library operates. I have always been curious about how the library system is able to be interconnected with all 62 branches. As a kid, I always wondered how they were able to keep track of everything. I could return and…

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  • Sleepy's Personality In Snow White, The Evil Queen

    In the movie Snow White there were at least ten different main characters. Snow White, the Evil Queen; also Snow White’s mother who wanted Snow White gone, the Huntsman, and the dwarfs. The seven dwarfs were Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, and Happy. With each character there was multiple personalities. Some characters’ personalities changed as the movie went on, while others stayed constant. There are five of the most common personality traits that can be used to describe an…

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  • Short Story: The Queen Of Lias

    "You damn-!" Losing her queenly aura and lashing out with slurs of crude invective, Celes snapped her eyes to where she thought the bear was (the darkness concealing his small form) shouting with now bloodshot eyes, some of that redness from some restrained tears, but the Queen of Liars would never admit something like that.T "Now, now; if you're going to act like that, perhaps I should call you Yashuhiro." Celes froze up upon hearing her real name being called out to her by Monokuma, herself…

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  • Queen Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth I: The Divergent Leader of England Queen Elizabeth I, commonly called “The Virgin Queen,” was the Queen of England throughout the late Sixteenth Century. She proceeded to become queen following her half half-sister, Queen Mary of Scots, reign. She set precedents in forth that are still being followed today many national leaders and everyday people. Queen Elizabeth I was a divergent, caring leader and the epitome of a non-conformist, revolutionizing a nation. Queen Elizabeth…

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