Queer theory

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  • Queer Theory In Movies

    Sight One’s beliefs and values on world views can greatly affect the way that we experience and perceive things and we will often remain loyal to these views. While one person might see a certain subject one way, another might see the matter in a contrasting light. Both of these people could be sound in their perceptions, while having differentiating views. Coincidently our ways of thinking also applies to the way that we critically view movies and other forms of media. There are many varying scopes in which we can criticize subjects and experience them in an entirely different way than last. One of these scopes we can utilize is queer theory. According to Kelly Mays, “The field of queer theory hopes to leave everyone guessing rather than to identify gay or lesbian writers, characters, or themes” (2349). For example, there is a plethora of queer undertones all throughout the movie 300, if you seek them out. From the revealing amour, to the barely disguised homoerotic dialogue, spotting these details could hardly be considered pulling at strings when they are so blatant. This is furthered by Kelly Mays’s description of gender studies…

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  • Queer Identity Theories

    In the 18th chapter of her book, Henderson-Espinoza explains the ways in which queer theories can be applied to Latin@ theologies, and she suggests a queerly normative future horizon that seeks to utilize existing Latin@ theologies in queer ways. The author's objective is to emphasize the reality of in/betweenness, which is characteristic of Latin@ people and that is often used to stabilize Latin@ in a reality of struggle instead of making in/betweenness be the effort of what drives their…

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  • Gender Roles In Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

    in her poem as goblins and as “awful kings.” Moreover, because Rossetti’s world of goblins demonizes the paternal branch of humanity, in the goblin universe, there are no men, thus decimating mundane gender roles. As a result, the characters Laura and Lizzie seem to direct their erotic energies towards each other. The idea of erotic energy itself stems from Queer theory, which focuses on erotic energy independent of the restraints of the gender binary. Moreover, queer theorist seek to interpret…

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  • Evolution Of Sexuality Analysis

    is linked to performativity. For example, a judge exercises power by citing the law that he applies. Essentially, it is the power of the citation that gives the performativity it binding power and authority over the situation. It follows then that, the term “queer” can be considered a source of the status of force and opposition to stability and variability within the confines of performativity. The term queer has been used on one sole purpose of shaming or insulting those it refers to in…

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  • The Cry Of Lot 49 Ethos Pynchon Analysis

    Beginning in the 1990’s, a new movement emerged alongside postmodernism known as Third Wave Feminism. After fighting for legal and social equality by standing up against patriarchal oppression, the goals of feminists broadened to break down concepts of gender, sexuality, and the body (Rampton). Queer Theorists such as Judith Butler branched from this new movement in Women’s Studies to examine the reality of identity and attack the problematic perception of heteronormativity, the belief that…

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  • Analysis Of But I M A Cheerleader

    character, Jan, performs gender in a way that suggests her sexuality as Lesbian. However her ways of dressing do not reflect her sexuality as she realises she really doesn’t have any interest in dating women. The therapists don’t believe her as they see gender performance and sexuality as irrevocably linked. The book, ‘Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective’, Linda L Lindsey 2016, discusses gender roles in marriage much in the same way it was performed in the film. “When normative role…

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  • Queer Theory Essay

    The word ‘Queer’ particularizes members of gender and sexual minorities who are not heteronormative , heterosexual nor gender-binary. These individuals live their lives outside of socially conventional heteronormative constructs that dictate ones actions and dress code in accordance to his or her accredited gender (Nolan 2013:1). Someone who is recognized as queer is born with a biological sex, either intersexed, male, or female; however it is possible that such an individual might not identify…

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  • Arguments Against Fanfiction

    academic work today suggests that slash is written primarily by heteronormative women. Slash fiction often reinforces heteronormativity and gender role norms, while seeming to subvert them. In “Queer as Folk and the Trouble with Slash” Hunting points out that in our heteronormative culture, the ability to reproduce and the fixation on raising and rearing children is often an unquestioned good and expected of any “normal” couple, slash or otherwise. Mpreg stories, common to the slash genre,…

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  • Queer Activism And Politics

    groundbreaking article “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?” a year after a controversy she introduces in the beginning of the essay. The famed Gay Men’s Health Crisis, best known for their active role in the treatment of HIV/AIDS during the AIDS crisis, came under fire after…

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  • Praxis Report: The Journal Of Homosexuality

    By using queer theory, Pinar suggests that the democratization of American society cannot be reformed without reconstructing the notions of hegemonic white masculinity. As this male subjectivity and its narcissistic unity must be dissolved, as contends Katja Silverman and Leo Bersani, the repressed feminine composition and homosexual desire must be reclaimed. The text offers psychoanalytic and cross-cultural anthropological research to support these claims of compulsory heterosexuality and…

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