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  • Queer Anthropology

    At the time of Tom Boellstorff’s (2007) article ‘Queer Studies in the House of Anthropology,’ little anthropological research had been undertaken in the realm of non-normative sexualities and genders in non-western contexts. Along with this, there was a lack of scholarship on female non-normative sexualities in both western and non-western contexts. Boellstorff (2007:21) argued that this gap in anthropological research was due to a range of factors; particularly the continued barriers women face cross culturally in accessing both public and private space away from males. In this essay I will argue that anthropologists have since attempted to fill this gap. With ethnographic monographs on non-normative sexualities in non-western contexts arising,…

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  • Queer Development

    The focus for this week is the status of queer people in international organizations and development projects. Lind argues that through conscious effort international organizations positions people who defy heteronormative gender and sexual norms as visible or invisible. This strategic placement of queer people helps their agenda of governing intimacy in order to further a specific development narrative; which founds itself in heterosexuality and traditional gender norms. Lind mentions the…

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  • Queer Definition Essay

    Since the 16th century, the term “queer” has always been defined to describe something or someone as strange or odd. It wasn’t until the late 19th century the term began to have a new and informal meaning. The 1900’s had a lot of unexpected and exciting things happening. Exciting things like World War I ending in 1918, beginning the spark of the roaring 20’s to the most historical concert Woodstock in 1969. The meaning of queer started to change its course in the early 1900’s. More than a decade…

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  • Queer Inclusion And Bisexual Analysis

    They conversed their concerns and personal occurrences as being queer in relation to OU campus. The leaders of the club realized an unfortunate pattern, stories being told over and over again of feeling unsecure, unsafe, being bullied, and not feeling welcome. The GEC knew they had to do something to change this so they gathered, all of its groups, Queer Inclusion Club, The LGBTQ of OU, Mosaic, and Sexperts, together they created a list of issues with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender…

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  • Queer Activism And Politics

    groundbreaking article “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?” a year after a controversy she introduces in the beginning of the essay. The famed Gay Men’s Health Crisis, best known for their active role in the treatment of HIV/AIDS during the AIDS crisis, came under fire after…

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  • Inexuality, And Queer Characters In Rick Riordan's Novels

    children’s fantasy novel The House of Hades (2013) caused controversy when it was released for the explicit inclusion of the first queer child, Nico di Angelo, in mainstream children’s fantasy. Though Nico had been present in six instalments beforehand, in The House of Hades Nico came out as having feelings for Percy Jackson. Since The House of Hades, Riordan’s novels have featured gay, bisexual, and transgender characters. While queer themes may not be explicit in the rest of his works, many of…

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  • The Queer Community Movement

    Throughout LGBTQ activism and political pursuits, the queer community has fostered distinct approaches to organization, evident in its political organization around identities and its political organization around issues. While both of these approaches possess individual strengths, they have also been a topic of contention within the community, as opinions vary in regard to whether the use of coalitional or identity politics is most effective in the pursuit of equal rights. In this paper, I will…

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  • Heidenreich's Essay: Relationship Between Race And Sexism

    The Heidenreich article looks at the relationship between race and sexism. Heidenreich argues that there is harsher discrimination against queers of colour, and particularly those who cross gender lines. This is due to a broader discourse about queers of culture, which normalizes violence, dehumanizes queers of colour, and threatens masculinity norms. In the case study, the murder of transgender Latina youth Gwen Amber Rose is compared to the murder of Matthew Shepard. Heidenreich observes…

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  • Analysis Of The Play: A Man Of No Importance

    those who attend services regularly. To not attend is highly frowned upon in the community, forcing those in the area to attend just be accepted within the community. This religious control of the church will be a large fundamental point to Alfie’s transformation into his true self. Alfie starts from the very first scene as his true self in conviction about what he enjoys, the arts. This portrays him as a bit of an unusual person in his community. The arts that aren’t church related are…

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  • Media Stereotypes: Dead Lesbian Syndrome

    that is common among queer characters is known as Bury Your Gays, or specifically Dead Lesbian Syndrome, which is a result of the extensive deaths of women-loving-women in television. This includes the character Commander Lexa from The 100 who was one particular death that left a strong impact on queer youth.…

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