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  • An Analysis Of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

    Alice’s crochet game with the Queen of Hearts is suggestive of young children’s process of learning to self-sooth and tame their anger. The Queen is a woman in a position of influence, suggesting that anger and sadness are powerful and consuming emotions. The Queen soon throws a fit, “Off with her head!” (Carroll 96). This symbolizes the upheaval of Alice’s emotions are in and her struggles to control them. Alice then eases this anger and sadness by diffusing the situation within herself, exhibiting major self-control. Similarly, Alice’s interactions with the Duchess symbolize children’s more positive natural attributes like curiosity, lightheartedness and their process in learning boundaries with them. Michael D`Ambrosio states that, “Alice, on the other hand, reasserts her innocence and prudence by maintaining that things don’t always have morals and should be accepted on face value”…

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  • Narrative Essay On Saving Wonderland

    Spiralling is all the Hatter can feel. When he decided to jump UP the rabbit hole, in search of Alice, he had no idea what to expect. The hole itself is pitch black. But there is a pin prick of light, which is progressively getting bigger as he tumbles farther up. Wonderland is in shambles, the Queen of Hearts destructing all happiness in her wake. The Snow Queen was living prosperously before the Queen of Hearts overthrew her. The only person who has ever been able to save Wonderland is Alice.…

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  • Themes In Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars

    However, it is for evil reasons. When Redd was younger, she was going to become the next queen. That was until she became obsessed with black imagination. Because of this, her mother, Theodora, said that her younger sister, Genevieve would be queen instead. Her anger led her to kill her mother and run away from the palace to Mount Isolation. Her goal then was to take her rightful place as queen and to do that she had to live. Her will to live was tested when Alyss came back from England to take…

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  • Alice's Journey To Wonderland Analysis

    found a Caterpillar sat on the top of a big mushroom smoking a hookah pipe. After a little conversation with the Caterpillar, she easily felt irritated with his comments “Who are you?” ”Keep your temper”. She definitely lost her temper, “she had never been so much contradicted in all her life before”, and replied in an offensive way. Alice was curiously looking at a little house, when a Fish-Footman knocked the door with a Queen invitation to play croquet. She found herself in a conversation…

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  • Wonderland Identity

    Through the game, Alice turns into a wise player of games to reach maturity, opposed to her initial reactions where she is in danger due to inexperience. “Games help us to play with situations that could threaten or destroy us in real life, and provide opportunities for a vicarious acting out of emotions, aggressions, fears and conflicts.” In this respect, the way Alice plays various games, going on adventures in Wonderland affects her real life. Carroll uses playing cards as dominant…

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  • Character Analysis Of The Mad Hatter In Alice In Wonderland, By Lewis Carroll

    advertises her lack of stockings and corset as she does the Futterwacken to show her growth in free-spirit and boldness (Burton). In Carroll’s novel however, Alice stands up to the Queen of Hearts at the trial declaring that holding the sentencing first was nonsense. The queen tells her to “‘Hold your tongue!’”, but Alice replies “‘who cares for you? You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’” (Carroll 140). An obvious example is Alice fearing the thought of slaying the Jabberwocky, but eventually…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Symbolism Essay

    Alice’s excursion, one clearly observes the difficulties she encounters as she attempts to be on good terms with the citizens of Wonderland. Moreover, she encounters many fine fairs of friends whose friendliness depends on what she is- a human child, which, according to the Wonderland social hierarchy, positions her below them*. Thus, her presence typically irks all the animals she tries to engage in conversation with. This is reminiscent of the social ladders a person must climb in order to…

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  • Analysis Of Alice In Wonderland

    In Jan Svankmajer’s film Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland shows a surreal story of a girl whose put into her dreams. In the film, Alice attempts to find something to do. Her last hope is using her imagination. She was depressed with her life at the moment. Svankmajer was excellently brought Alice a very simple but creative mind in imagining a wonderland for herself as a way to escape to where she was. The wonderland first started with very simple and daily objects such as dishes, dolls, the house…

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  • Compare And Contrast Alice In Wonderland

    the right one or not. Hightopp always believed and told her that she was the right Alice, and the only Alice. She makes up her own opinion saying that it does not matter if she is the right or wrong one. Despite what everyone and everything says to her, all she wants to be is herself. She does not want to follow a piece of paper that tells her what she is going to do, because she makes her own decisions. As Kingsleigh decides that she wants to do things her own way she immediately becomes…

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  • Film Analysis: My Neighbor Totoro

    In My Neighbor Totoro, Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe explore the wild woods and let their imaginations run wild. Seeing magical creatures like a kind majestic beast, to a cat bus that has headlights as eyes seems too surreal. The movie takes you to a whole new world where you can find adventure through the eyes of two imaginative girls. Director, Hayao Miyazaki made this anime movie one of the best children’s movie I’ve ever seen. This movie had so many different morals behind it. The first moral I…

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