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  • Character Analysis Of The Mad Hatter In Alice In Wonderland, By Lewis Carroll

    The Mad Hatter is actually a representation of Alice’s own madness. Even though it is a difficult concept to grasp, bare with me. While Alice is at the engagement party dancing with Hamish, she keeps spouting off random thoughts that Hamish finds extremely strange. She says, “‘I had a sudden vision, all the ladies in trousers and the men in dresses!’” and Hamish responds: “‘it would be best to keep your visions to yourself, when in doubt, remain silent’” (Burton). Following Hamish asking Alice where her head is, she responds, “‘I was wondering what it would be life to fly,’” where Hamish replies, “‘why would you spend your time thinking of an impossible thing’” (Burton). If one was to think about it though, Alice doesn;y state such random, odd things when in Wonderland. Instead another character does it for her, the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter is known for his random outbursts such as, asking what month it is, mid conversation (Carroll 81). After Alice slays the Jabberwocky, the Mad Hatter does his signature dance the Futterwacken, but once Alice is back in her real life, she does the dance and goes back to her erratic self. The fact that Alice only makes such strange comments when she isn’t in the presence of the Hatter proves the point. The Mad Hatter is a representation of Alice’s madness, but only when she isn’t with him, because when she is, he is able to say all…

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  • Mad As A Hatter Character Analysis

    Series, season one, episode twenty-seven, “Mad as a Hatter”, Jervis Tetch is a scientist that is working for Bruce Wayne to create circuitry to control minds of others. First, he tests the circuitry on mice, then moves up to humans. He uses cards with the number 10/6 on them in order to control the minds of other people. Jervis is in love with Alice but, unfortunately for him, she has a boyfriend. Jervis eavesdrops on Alice and he realizes that her boyfriend, Billy, had broken up with her. Alice…

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  • America Diary Entry

    I sat down cautiously not knowing what was going on. The bunny I saw early introduced himself to me, his name was Freddy and the rest of the table said hi too. I was offered tea and biscuits, but I declined politely. The Mad Hatter ranted, ‘You must leave Wonderland immediately, the great and powerful Queen of Hearts is after you. When she finds out you are here she will not stop until you are her prisoner.’ ‘Why what is wrong? What has happened that she needs me.” A worried look came across…

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  • Narcissism In Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland

    our animal nature, our instinctual drives” (Bettelheim 76). Alice’s superego desires perfection and forces Alice to believe she is always inadequate as a result of her ego over sublimating. The Mad Hatter’s behavior is unsettling to Alice because it makes Alice question her own knowledge of what is right and wrong. In life, not all riddles have answers. This is as unsettling to Alice as the Mad Hatter’s behavior. He presents the riddle, “why is a raven like a writing -desk” (79). Since the…

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  • Research Paper On Alice In Wonderland

    This slot is a five-reel slot with a maximum of twenty paylines. The slot shows the winning lines and their value as the game plays. When you win, you will have the option of playing a gamble game in order to double or quadruple your money. You will have to guess either the suit colour of the face down card or for the maximum pay out, you will have to guess the suit and the colour. Mad Hatter’s tea party There are other features that should certainly be on the lookout for in Alice in…

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  • Quotes In Alice In Wonderland

    BY wonderland becoming some sort of mad world it allows the novel to expose many scenarios in a very mystique way. With characters that bring different meaning all on their own and giant meanings together. The novel does the trick in trying to teach Alice the lesson of life is to beautiful and interesting to rush, Alice continually rushes and tries to keep going instead of ever taking a step back and enjoying the beauty she lies in. She’s in a fight with time even though she has no rush. All the…

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  • Why A Book Should Be Banned Essay

    asked Lewis to entertain her and her sisters. Carroll suddenly told the girls stories about a girl named Alice who fell down a rabbit hole. This story was unlike others, so Alice asked Lewis to write it down. Carroll after rewrites the story, asked a friend for help, and went to seek out a publisher. In the year of 1865, Alice in Wonderland was published. After the success of Alice in Wonderland , Carroll published another book named Through The Looking Glass which is a sequel to Alice in…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Book Fahrenheit 451

    our own life stories and personalities would change. If there was a mass book burning and I was able to save just one book, I would save Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because of the child-like wonder displayed with the plot, setting and imagery used. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland connects me to my childhood and my imagination during that time period of the ages of 4-12. The characters, for example the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, are very creative and fictional. The reason why these very…

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  • Tim Burton As An Auteur

    signature. In order to further understand this using Alice In Wonderland, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party scene will be analysed. Set design is pivotal for this introductory moment of primary characters. It needed to have complimentary elements to portray backstory and foreshadow events. There are no limitations to what can be created using real props as well as green screen. The trees seen in the background are Burton’s trademark spiraled design, creating an uncanny atmosphere. These trees can be…

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  • Alice's Wonderland Research Paper

    not wish to press the spin button time and time again. There are scatter and wild symbols in play. Down the Rabbit Hole This game provides a ridiculous number of opportunities to win prizes, including a progressive jackpot! In addition, there is a whole host of bonus games included. Where do I begin? If you get three or more rabbit hole symbols you’ll trigger the Rabbit Hole bonus. Just like in the book, Alice falls down the rabbit hole, except here you pick up a whole assortment of prizes…

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