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  • Dorindi Madrigal Analysis

    When comparing Claudio Monteverdi’s compositional techniques in his madrigal “Dorinda, ah dirò” to what was traditionally expected in the prima practice, one notices a nonchalant treatment of dissonances, as well as an overall quickened sense of rhythm and far too many liberations in melodic writing. While observing Monteverdi’s madrigal, one notices several instances of note-against note dissonances. The first instance (example 1.1) displays dissonances of a seventh and a ninth between the canto and the bass voice. This harsh head on charge into the unpleasantness is forbidden in counterpoint practice. Instead, on should consider the correction in example 1.2. By lengthening the measure into two, giving the canto line a smoother transition…

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  • A Review Of A Classical Concert By Chanticleer

    On January 31, 2016, I attended a classical musical concert performed by Chanticleer. The concert was held in the Halton Theater at Central Piedmont Community College. The audience was dressed very casually and most of the people were elderly. This was the first classical concert I have attended, I choose to write about this concert because it’s the one that I liked the most if I had to choose between all the concert that I attended. Chanticleer is a male classical vocal a cappella ensemble…

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  • Madrigals Research Paper

    I have been in Chorus classes since I started school it generally been my most loved class and it's so much fun. It not normally just pointless fooling around, we learn and do work like all other classes.This year the ensemble class i'm in is called madrigals, or advance chorus.In madrigals we learn music theory and we perform at a greater number of spots than mixed chorus, which is also known as normal chorus class. Madrigals is extraordinary the reason I remain in this class is we get the…

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  • Madrassi Madrigal Analysis

    The Cooum has changed a lot in the years since V.H. Shipley’s book of 19 poems on the city, ‘Madrassi Madrigals’ was published in 1928. The book, only two copies of which are known to be in existence, has charming verses on Madras' landmarks such as the boat club, the Guindy race course, Elliot's Beach, Museum Theatre, and activities of the British like hunting, golf and sailing. He describes the Cooum River in one of the poems as follows, ‘Of dirt and smell your sources wake... And near the sea…

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  • Madrigal V Quilligan Case Analysis

    In the summer of 1978, ten women of Mexican origin sued Doctor James Quilligan and the Los Angeles County Hospital for a violation of their civil and constitutional rights by forcible sterilization. These women claimed that they were either coerced into signing the sterilization consent forms, signed them under duress, could not read the English consent forms, or were not given any consent forms at all. Representatives Antonia Hernandez and Charles Nabarrete argued that the plaintiffs were…

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  • Analysis Of Claudio Monteverdi's Oime, Il Bel Viso

    The madrigal that is being analyzed is Claudio Monteverdi’s “Oime, il bel viso”(madrigal, a 5+bc; from Il sesto libro de’ madrigali [The Sixth Book of Madrigals], 1614; text by Francesco Petrarch, Canzoniere, sonnet no. 267). This madrigal can be seen as a piece that works as a coherent piece of music. This is madrigal works as a coherent piece of music with the help of repetition of motives in the madrigal, the divisions of the madrigal add to the whole piece to unify it, and relationship…

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  • Claudio Monteverdi Research Paper

    Claudio Monteverdi Claudio Monteverdi was an Italian composer who was vital in making the transition from the Renaissance period to the Baroque period. Monteverdi was also one of the most important developers in the new style, opera. He is also recognized for bringing a “modern” style into church music. This resulted in considerable fame during his lifetime. During his long life he composed many works including 8 books of madrigals and forty operas. Claudio Monteverdi was born in Cremona…

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  • The Intermedio And Oper The Importance Of Opera

    capable of (Greenberg, 2009, L11, 8:35). During the transitory period of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, the tremendous increase in the popularity of secular stage drama punctuated by musical intermezzos (music played between the acts of stage plays) invariably ignited opera into existence. As discussed by Greenberg (2009), the intermezzo and the madrigal evolved and flourished during the late sixteenth century and led directly to the invention of opera. ‘The intermezzi had music, they…

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  • Challenges Of Conducting Qualitative Research Essay

    in general terms, and evaluating and reporting the data with flexible structures that emerge. Phenomenon’s can be explored when little is known about the subject of the study. Exploration and understanding is a key when studying a phenomenon in a qualitative research (Creswell, 2012). According to Madrigal and McClain (2012), qualitative research requires flexibility. As the researcher proceeds to gather information data emerges and can be considered a form of naturalistic observation which…

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  • Personal Narrative: Current Trends In Music

    deaths (or sexual releases as was the common inference) (Burkholder and Palisca 295). Little did I know that the composer of the piece was at the party. I was returning to get some more wine when I bumped into a man you may have heard of named Jaques Arcadelt. My bump caused him to drop the many parchments he was carrying. The parchments were of exquisitely printed works that were printed using the triple impression method. I knew this had to be printed by the skilled techniques of…

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