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  • Narrative Essay: A Beautiful Day In Murair Al Mutarish '

    Thursday 5th June 2007 was a very lovely day .Everything was perfect and nothing was wrong. I was sitting with my family in our house in Murair Al Mutarish. It is a small village located in the far north coast of Oman in Shinas state . We were watching T.V like any other day, when we heard the news bulletin. While crossing the coast, cyclone Gonu cause a lot of damage and fatalities. Before passing the Sultanate's northeastern coastline, it began affecting the country with strong winds and heavy rain. Streets and buildings flooded because of the strong waves and heavy rainfall. Let me leave you with these pictures from Muscat. We were shocked. Everything was destroyed houses, roads, and even trees were uprooted. It seemed to us like another…

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  • Passion Vs Ambition Essay

    Growing up his parents were not the wealthiest, the only side acception they would make, would be whichever book he would want. In addition, he suffered many health problems as a child; a full body blood transfusion, and a collapsed lung, with the assistance of an incubator. As he grew older, he suffered through bipolar disorder and at one point considered suicide. Despite these disadvantages, he pushed through writing a book called, “The 4-Hour Workweek”, however, before he had a chance to get…

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  • My Reflection: My Experience Of Entrepreneurship

    Readings in entrepreneurship was very beneficial to my experience of my knowledge of entrepreneurship as a whole. Before this class I’ve had a limited experience with entrepreneurship. The very basics of entrepreneurship was all I was taught. This paper will describe to you what I have now learned through this experience with this class and how I will use what I learned to better myself in the future. The first book Dave Ramsey: Entreleadership probably taught me the most I have ever learned…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Traveling

    Have you ever wondered about traveling outside your city or state, but you were thinking in your mind what should I do? Today I will be explaining and giving some advice to help you be ready and ready to travel without getting worried or complicated. We all know that traveling requires taking your personal stuff with you to whatever place you are traveling to, either you were traveling aboard (airplane) or driving on land (car). Sometimes human brain won’t be really helpful in…

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  • Descriptive Essay : ' Shit '

    "Shit. Can 't believe I did that in a skirt." she laughed, pushing herself up with her right arm. A throbbing pain shot through her left arm, starting near her shoulder, she must have disconnected it. The wind picked up, tossing her wavy dirty blond hair in her face. She pushed her hair back then realizing that she had a gun in her hand. She tucked it in the back of her gray office skirt that was now torn in many different places and covered with splotches of blood, same with her blazer. She…

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  • Examples Of Standing Up For The Crucible

    Everyday I see people wanting to stand up for something, but don’t do it. People get so scared because they don’t want someone to judge them or lose someone they care about. I had stood up for my sister Hannah when “rumors” were going around about her. I had lost friends because of it and I would not change that. Hannah is my baby sister and no friend or person is more important than her. I wasn’t going to let people say things about her or call her some inappropriate things. I had stood…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Place By The River

    Ever since I was little my favorite place has been the Wapsi. The Wapsi is a river but there is a spot by the river that is heaven to me. This spot is where my dad owns 5 acres of property, where I can ride four-wheelers, shoot guns, go fishing, go boating, go swimming, and raise livestock without anyone ever noticing. My dad is going to give me this property once I graduate high school. There is only one stipulation; I have to keep a 3.0 or higher which isn’t a problem for me so far. There is…

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  • Personal Essay: My True Friend Is My Best Friend

    I took me five years to realize what an extraordinary influence he has been in my life. When I felt like disappearing, seeing him made me want me to be found. He is my best friend. Growing up with him has made me the person I am today. He is the most hilariously awkward handsome man I have ever had the honor of meeting. At first sight, you would say that his clothes are classy and formal. However; if you knew him as well as I do, you would notice that he dresses up in all types of clothes. All…

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  • I Hate U I Love U Song Analysis

    The world is full of great songs and unique artists. Millions of songs are produced year after year. Only a select few are remembered. One song in particular is I Hate U, I Love U. The song written by Gnash, focuses on a love story gone wrong. I Hate U, I Love U features vocals by Olivia O’Brien. The song was released on February 17th, 2016. It topped ARIA charts April 19th, 2016. The song is featured in their album US. Gnash uses a love, hate type relationship between two people who seem to be…

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  • Chinese Interlanguage Pragmatics

    imperatives and the conventional indirectness are the two that may been found from the intermediate and advanced speakers. Later research provided evidence to support such view. Taguchi (2006) examined the relationship between English proficiency level and the ability of creating request among fifty-nine Japanese English L2 learners in the PDR-high and PDR-low role play situations. The result revealed that the higher level group produced less direct and imperative expressions and they tended to…

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