Life Laws In Life Strategies For Teens

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Teenagers everywhere have problems in the everyday lives and most of the time they do not know how to handle it. In “Life Strategies for Teens” Jay McGraw explains the ten life laws in a way that teenagers can understand and comprehend. By reading this book young adults benefit and learn how to better their lives in a positive way. Teens can benefit greatly by reading this book, but it may give kids ways to get out of problems faster by learning how to manipulate the system. The Life Laws are simple and easy to follow, but only one was outstanding to me. You create your own experience, the second life law, was most closely related to me because half the time I always think negatively about an area in my life. If I go on a road trip or go out …show more content…
Understand that you can make an excuse to not drink and still have your friend by your side, but if they won’t stay by your side then they may be what you need to change in your life. One of the Life Laws in “Life Strategies for Teens” is we teach people how to treat us. You have to learn how not to be pushed around or forced to do anything by peer pressure, but on the other hand you must teach others how to respect you and your lifestyle. Same with parents you have to show them that you care in order for them to give you freedom. This Life Law showed me how I get pushed around by some of my friends and I will start defending myself from now on. Peer pressure is a real thing and everyone and been a victim of it within the teenage world. You may choose to say yes and you may choose to say no, but someone did try to pressure you into their lifestyle at one point. The changes that you must make to protect yourself is learn how to stand up and speak your mind, as well as have a good excuse no to succumb to peer

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