Peer Pressure Speech

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Close your eyes and imagine some teens doing some illegal drugs. They invite you to do drugs with them but you deny. You’re about to walk away but then out of nowhere you hear a bunch of sirens. By now there’re a ton of cop cars parked around them . While you were leaving you were glad that you denied.

Hello class and Ms.Renkema by now you might of realized that my speech is about drugs.

Have you ever faced peer pressure? An example for peer pressure be, someone “popular” at your school offers you some drugs or alcohol and you think if you agree you will be popular like them, or if a close friend forces you to do the same and you don't want to but you might still do it because you might not want to lose a close friendship. That is
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You are allowed to just say “NO” without giving an explanation.

It's hard to say no but you have to try hard.
If your friend is peer pressuring you it might mean that your friend isn't a true friend.
If they are doing it, think why. Maybe because;

They may be trying to make you feel small, so that he/she can feel better about themself. You don't need their approval to feel good about yourself.
They may be afraid of anyone who is different from them. You can listen to what that person has to say, but that doesn't mean you have to agree with them.

They could be afraid of criticism, so they will do the criticizing first. It's better to be alone than to be with someone who is rude to you all the time.

Deep down, they may be insecure.

They could be making up rules, so that they fit and you don't.

Know that there are people who will appreciate you for who you are.

If “no thanks” won’t work some other ways to say “no” are: It doesn't taste good. The smell of alcohol makes me sick and if I stay like that all day I don't know what will happen to me and then you'll be in
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I couldn’t list all the effects but I can list the types I know.There are: Physical,Physiological,School,Family and Interpersonal Relationship,Moral,Sports,and Driving Effects.

Why People Start.

There are many reasons why people start drinking alcohol and doing drugs and one of the reasons I mention might not even be one of them.

Some people use it for popularity, to be “cool” or fit in.(believe me it doesn’t work)
e.g. Some of the “popular kids at your school offer you drugs or alcohol and you think it will make you popular if you agree or you don't have many friends and you think this will help you fit in.

2. Others do them to forget a past memory or forget a secret, or they are very stressed out.

3. Some people are talked into doing them or they just want to do it. e.g. some of your friends drink or do drugs and they slowly talk you into doing it.

4. Some people drink it for enjoyment but what they don't know is it will make them want to have it for little reasons.

5. Some people think its cool even though it can make you do some un-cool things like talking weird, slurred or

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