Underage Drinking Persuasive Essay

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Hundreds of teens have been injured or died each year for underage drinking and driving. The alcohol age should not be lowered to 18, it needs to remain at 21 in order to protect teens from hurting themselves. Many young teens are experiencing the issues of drinking too much, and because of this, underage drinking is a leading public health problem. Some studies show that young people who drink put themselves at risk for potential health problems. About 5,000 people under the age of 21 die because of underage drinking (“Why”). There has been so many accidents because of teens choosing to drink and drive which puts themselves in so much danger.
Helping teens with their underage drinking can help solve alcoholic problems before they even
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Usually young teens begin to drink just because they see everyone else doing it, like their friends and close peers. You would think that the commercials of the teens being injured or dying from being hit by a drunk driver would give teens the instinct that drinking and driving is not a good thing to do, but some of them just don’t listen. Doing the right thing by saying no to alcohol is so much better than constantly drinking and partying with friends. There comes a time when teens just need to make the right choice by saying no. Just being a young teen could be a serious risk factor for not only drinking at a young age, but also drinking quite dangerously …show more content…
Summer means party time in a kid’s life, and time to have fun with friends and not worry about parents. The parents who are more strict on their children about going out and wandering off are the parents that will end up having the most responsible kids. If a parent treats their child as their friend then they will never take their parents seriously or abide by any rules that they may have for them. It’s real important to remember that there is no cutoff point at which any teen should be allowed to have alcohol under the age of 21

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