Importing Persuasive Speech

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thank you for enacting the ignition interlock bill ( house bill 2246 ) on may 5, requiring all suspected drunk drivers to add an ignition device in which the drivers would then breathe into the device checking to see if irresponsible drivers had consumed a certain amount of alcohol, if so the car will not start. with the law being passed i feel more secure in my community with a slight decline in the number or drunk drivers driving on the streets. you are truly an inspiration being the longest serving attorney general in our home state of Texas, i feel that you are more equipped in leading a more conscientious society. concerning the ignition interlock bill, when it comes to consuming alcohol, these intoxicated people should be watched intensively …show more content…
nowadays people seem to consume more than what is intended. the ignorance in teens however has begun to skyrocket, knowing of the legal age for drinking, teens still seem to disobey the rules that are set into place. generally speaking drinking is intended to be for adults who are experienced within the aspects of alcoholic beverages. we all want to have that high in our life when we can just forget about what is happening and enjoy the in the moment times. when forgetting your surroundings or what you may have remembered, drinks don 't think about how their body motives start to drift, the eyesight starts to become fuzzy, and the common sense you have had starts to deteriorate. drunk driving has taken place for many years along with the carelessness people have had in being apart of this crime. As time passes so does a number closely related to 30 people every 48 minutes in the U.S. alone just from driving while intoxicated. with this alone loved ones had been lost, newlyweds had perished, kids who just finished high school had taken their last breath, and many dreams had been left unattended to. between 50 to 75% of people who had their license revoked had been involved in driving illegally without a license. with this being said teens have been unaware of the possible outcomes they can face when committing this crime. it has been said that the leading death among teens involves being in an traffic accident 1/ 3 of these accidents had involved alcohol. teens are unsuitable for drinking at this age and don 't fully recognize the harm they could cause within drinking outside of an age that had already been set for consuming alcohol. In the U.S. there is no toleration in drinking under the age of 21, if caught doing so consequences can be range from expensive fines, loss of license, to even a full ride to jail. drinking under age is very destuctive when driving unknowing of

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