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  • Persuasive Essay: Lower The Drinking Age

    States Congress. This act permitted anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or consume any alcohol in all 50 states. This act has had quite an impact of over the years on America’s youth. It has led the public to question whether this law should lower the drinking age. The government has responded by actually taking a look into reducing the drinking age from 21 to 18. Many Americans have felt the need to express how much they think this law should change. Majority of the reason as to why people would want to see this change is to eliminate alcohol charges…

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  • Military Drinking Age

    The legal drinking age in the United States among other countries in the world is twenty-one years old. Prior to 1984 all personal eighteen and older could purchase and consume alcohol legally. In 1984 President Ronald Raegan signed the national minimum drinking age act. Which prohibited anyone under the age of twenty-one from alcohol. The government enforces this law because it is thought to be the appropriate age as a person transitions into adulthood to be able to handle the responsibility of…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline: The Legal Drinking Age 21

    organization by the title of Choose Responsibly. Information I found against the age limit was written by Dr. Ruth Engs and an organization that goes by the NIAAA, which stands for National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. 3. I also found sources that give simple facts, which I found as refreshing neutral parties. For information on the interstate system, I turned to Berkely University. I also received facts on Italy’s underage drinking problems…

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  • The Importance Of Drinking Age In The United States

    In 1984, Congress passed a law that made a huge impact on people across America. The drinking age was raised from eighteen to twenty-one. All over the country, young adults and teens under the age of twenty-one are consuming alcohol. Teens are experimenting with alcohol in unsafe environments, which leads to a higher level of binge drinking among youth. The purpose of this law was to cut back on the number of high fatalities that were being caused by drinking and driving. Anyone who has followed…

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  • Minimum Legal Drinking Age Analysis

    other places, such as Italy, that have a MLDA of 18 and lower. Furthermore, multiple studies taken everywhere have noted that moving the imbibing age to 18 years does not have an impact of deaths relating to alcohol besides DUI’s, such as Alcohol Poisoning. Concluding that if the MLDA was to be moved down to a lower age, we would gradually start to avail the economy with its debt issues only furthermore due to more people of an age group drinking. Moving the drinking age lower would not only…

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  • Analysis Of The Minimum Drinking Age Act

    Drinking Age Act, also known as MDLA 21, was signed by Ronald Reagan requiring all states to establish a minimum drinking age of 21. The goal of this bill was to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents. Initially traffic fatalities did decline, but those under 21 still continued to drink. This created an “underground” drinking scene where risky and irresponsible decisions occurred that lead to a whole new set of problems. I’m interested in this subject because of the prevalence of underage…

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  • Legal Drinking Age In The United States

    are considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Being an adult in the eyes of the law means an individual is mature enough to vote, buy cigarettes, sign up for the Army, and if a crime is committed you will be charged as an adult. The law says an 18 year old is mature enough to make life-alternating choices, but not responsible enough to drink alcohol? If the drinking age were lowered to 18 then there would be less accidents brought on by alcohol, fewer criminal acts and the introduction of…

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  • Essay On Legal Drinking Age

    What should be the legal drinking age in the United States? Young adults and teenagers are overlooking the facts that alcohol is a drug. When alcohol is available easily for minors, it increases the risk of binge drinking, drunk driving, and many health problems. Alcohol has a strong relationship with risky behavior among young adults. Risky behaviors are activities that places a person at increased risk for illness and injury. Regular alcohol use and binge drinking among adolescents are…

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  • Minimum Legal Drinking Age Should Be 18 Essay

    country, yet they are not able to make their own decisions on drinking alcohol. Despite the minimum legal drinking age being 21, it should be 18 because that is the age when a person truly becomes an adult. Turning 18 makes a person become an adult and if someone is considered an adult he or she should be able to decide whether he or she wants to consume alcohol or not. Turning 18 allows people to receive many abilities that they did not have before they were an adult. When someone turns 18…

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  • Why The Drinking Age Should Be 18

    Everyone agrees that alcohol shouldn’t be given to young adults or children under a certain age. Alcohol is a very dangerous substance, but when used moderately, it can give people some benefits, especially for people aged 65 and older. Consuming one drink per day can lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes as well as improve memory, but this may not benefit everyone who drinks moderately. On the other hand, if you drink a lot, alcohol can also damage every part of your body, such as your…

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