Aleksey Batalov

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    The two film adaptation of Nikolay Gogol’s The Overcoat, the 1959 Russian film by Aleksey Batalov and the 2011 Canadian film, The Girl in the White Coat by Darrell Wasyk, end in different ways. One film depicts a scene of supernatural revenge while the other ends with a quiet death. As films set in realistic environments, the supernatural element found in Gogol’s work presents a challenge for the directors. However, when compared to the original work, both films have a similar meaning even when their plots differ. When comparing the plots of the adaptations, they appear to take different approaches to the supernatural ending and belong to opposite genres. Batalov’s film is relatively realistic for most of its duration but he introduces a ghostlike…

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    Traditions in the Family Have you ever had respectable parents that influenced your life? My parents have always influenced me to get an education and to get a career that I will work for a very long time. My parents had met each other in high school and dated senior year. After they have graduate4d from high school they started their family. My parents had three children and we moved a lot and finally settled down in a place. Nevertheless, in Sandra Cisneros’ essay “ The Storyteller” she…

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