Traditions In The Family In Sandra Cisneros's The Storyteller

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Traditions in the Family
Have you ever had respectable parents that influenced your life? My parents have always influenced me to get an education and to get a career that I will work for a very long time. My parents had met each other in high school and dated senior year. After they have graduate4d from high school they started their family. My parents had three children and we moved a lot and finally settled down in a place. Nevertheless, in Sandra Cisneros’ essay “ The Storyteller” she discusses about how she was raised in a big family and being the only woman out of the children. Her parents were based on a tradition to where everyone had to live with their parents until marriage. Based on Cisneros’ essay, I was the only woman out of the children in the
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In Cisneros’ essay “The Storyteller” she wanted to ask to move out of the house. She states, “He looked at her with that eye of the rooster before it attacks, but she wasn’t alarmed” (47). By his reaction he wanted to get argue that she could not move out and he had to have his family stay together. She was the favorite child that can probably get away with it and move out. She took the courage to finally ask him and he wanted to say no, but her mother told her father to let her go, to try it out moving out and having her own privacy. He even offered for her to have her own privacy at home down in the basement, then again all of her siblings are running around in the house making noise to where Cisneros cannot concentrate. Cisneros’ father says, “…too much college and too many gringo friends had ruined her” (47). Implying that she should not go to a university because the Caucasians will ruin her culture on how she was raised. In addition, she will soon forget about her family and never go back to her culture and

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