Family Cultural Analysis

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to build their independent personal characteristicsIn our social culture, the family is the basic component of the community, and to be good members of any family, we should do a numerous of inevitable obligations to express the extent of our interconnectedness and our respect to the relationship with each other. Of course the parents is located at the top of the my family’s pyramid, as is the case with the most of the families in the conservative eastern society in which we learned a great respect to the elderly people and appreciated whatever are relationship to us. My major obligation towards my origin family is the obedience to my parents. my values that are directly associated to my culture norms have taught me since I was a young that …show more content…
Many people try to avoid doing most of there families requirements when they have new procreations families or their jobs require more time and efforts. For me, the situation is different, I feel pride and satisfaction when I have chance to support my family and provided them what they need. I believe as other of the of my community members that we provide god deeds for our families toward having the same amount of anticipated support that we will need and seek in the future when we become …show more content…
for the gender roles, my parents tought me the traditional values which ephsais that while I am a man, I must act and behvie as man eventhough I still a teenger . I had many responsibilities as a male, for example, I was in charge of herding sheep in each afternoon and take care of the our large farm until the sunset . When I come back from school, I took the sheeps to the pasture and then I spent my time in following them, and protecting the crops in addition to do my school homework . My family refused my sister offer to help me sometimes in this tasks because they were not parts of her obligations and she must stay home to finish them . When I 'm tired, I wished I was a girl to avoid doing harsh duties . when I was in the high school, my role in the family were devolped from takin care of the livestock to help in providing finicall resources. I had a temprory job in a clothes store. I was comlitely happy when I had my first month income that I spent most of it on my family demands and support them partilly in their needs . Now my wife and I working on teching our childern many skills that should fit their gender roles and also benefites them in the life. My daughter started to learn how to cook and mange the house chores. My old son has learned how to help me in tacking care of his young siblings when I

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