Essay On Family Ethnography

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For my ethnography project I researched both sides of my families to gain a better understanding of their development through the life stages, how they deal with crisis and their parenting styles. Through personal family research, material learned in class and scholarly journals I will better explain my family and their history. From the beginning to end of this assignment I gained knowledge about my family that I did not know prior. To begin with I will discuss my parents and then elaborate on their families separately. I grew up in a middle class caucasian family with two working parents. Growing up my parents both worked and still continue too. I had a very fun and laid back childhood experience. I would describe my parents as authoritative. …show more content…
I didn’t even fully notice it until my dad and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago. He said, “Brooke your whole life we have been teaching you to deal with the little things which is why you don’t stress them so much, why do you think when you are going through something we talk it out and then go back to it a few days later.” I never had thought about until that moment when we were discussing it but he is absolutely right. Thanks to their guidance and help I really don’t stress little things I talk them out and move on. Talking is our greatest form of therapy and as a family communication is vital to us. When I grow older and have children within the next few years I hope to adapt the same attitudes and parenting styles as that of my parents. They persevere through whatever life throws at them and lean on each other. When it comes to managing crisis my parents both remain level headed and usually are the sound mind for others. Their level headedness in emergency situations obviously comes from their healthcare experience. When a patient is in crisis you cannot freak out and be irrational, you have to be level headed and maintain professionalism. My parents overall are two wonderful loving individuals and have provided me with a wonderful backbone to

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