Parenting styles

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  • Parenting Style

    help guide them along by raising them. Yet, not every parent is exactly the same, as they all have their own “style” with which they choose to raise their children by, though in comparison some could be vastly different or strikingly similar to each other. These styles are what define a parent’s overall attitude and the type of relationship they have with their child. While they all have their own personal twists, every one stems from the same four base parenting models: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive indulgent, and permissive neglectful. But with this begs the question of whether there is a right or wrong choice to…

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  • Authoritative Parenting Styles

    Parenting styles play a critical role in the development of a child. In fact, research shows that parenting styles can impact a child’s social, cognitive, and emotional growth. Children are shaped through the parental acts of motivation, interaction, and exchange throughout their childhoods. The results of these acts will either be negative or positive, and this influence can carry on well into adulthood. While there are several classifiable parenting styles, this research is going to focus on…

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  • Parenting Styles And Responsiveness

    The aim of the first article was to examine the relationships between parenting styles, academic performance and the effects of motivation, goal orientation and self-efficacy. The study contained two hypotheses- the first one being that, parents who possessed high demandingness and responsiveness, would have adolescents with high academic performance and on the other hand parents who are high in demandingness and low in responsiveness would have adolescents with low academic performance. The…

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  • The Importance Of Parenting Styles

    Throughout the entire world parents’ use different parenting styles. The four most common parenting styles are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and neglectful. Each parenting style has not only benefits but also negative effects on children. Some parenting styles have worse effects on the child than others. We will explore each parenting style in detail and also give a personal input on each one. Diana Baumrind was the researcher whose main focus was parenting styles. Her research was…

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  • Identifying Parenting Styles

    Alyssa Bailey Mrs. Good/Mrs. Oxford English 512 11 February 2015 Identifying Parenting Styles Did you know that there are different parenting styles? From the rising to fame "tiger-momming" to the infamous "helicopter" parenting, many other styles exist in between these two styles. Though, there are formal names for the two aforementioned styles. Tiger-momming is less known as authoritarian parenting known for its strictness and lack of affection shared between parents and their…

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  • The Four Parenting Styles

    Valentine (Maybe add in definition of parenting style) Throughout this course we have learned that the greatest influence on a child’s development is “the family” he or she grows up in. The family is This begs the question: Is there a right way to parent a child? In other words, can one influence a child in a way that guarantees a successful outcome, or in this case, healthy social development? The pioneering research on parenting style was conducted by Diana Baumrind, a developmental…

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  • Uninvolved Parenting Style

    217). This parenting style seems to be the parenting style that has the most positive impact on children emotional and moral development. Children raised by authoritative parents tend to have good social skills, self-control, and happier. Therefore, this parenting style is said develop good qualities for employees, leaders and life partners (Riggio, 2014). Lastly is the fourth style of parenting, neglectful or uninvolved parenting style? Neglectful or uninvolved parenting is an approach to…

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  • Responsive Parenting Styles

    The Effective Parent Parents, for the most part, want what is best for their child and try to raise them accordingly. Whether parents chose to acknowledge it or not, everyone of them use different styles to raise their children. Though not all of these styles help the child, they all have some kind of effect, negative or positive on the child. There are 4 types of parenting styles. Authoritarian parenting is the more strict style. In this style parents are very controlling of their…

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  • Permissive Parenting Style

    Being a parent is one of the most challenging responsibilities a person can face. Did you know parenting styles plays an important role in a child’s development? In fact, the way a family is structured is based on the parenting style. Research has shown that parenting style can profoundly affect a child’s behavior in major parts of their life, such as their social, intellectual, as well as their mental development. Not only will it affect their childhood, but it may also interfere with their…

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  • Authoritative Parenting Style

    After interviewing two different mothers to better understand their parenting styles, I came to the conclusion that both had a lot of similarities in the way they are raising their children. Both of them are what are considered as Authoritative parenting. In total there are four categories with sub categories; authoritarian, democratic, neglecting, and permissive. We will be taking a closer look at each one individually and comparing each style. The first parenting style that we will be looking…

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