Park Slope

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  • Park Slope Case Study

    Park Slope is neighborhood in Brooklyn that has become know as “highly desirable.” Park Slope is known for its historic buildings, shops that line Fifth and Seventh Avenues, bars and its proximity to Prospect Park. Around the 60’s and 70’s many of Park Slopes historic brownstones were cleaned up along with the rest of the neighborhood but before this Park Slope was a rough working-class neighborhood. Many neighborhoods, including Park Slope, are going through the process of gentrification. While gentrification can have negative and positive affects on a neighborhood, it’s important to ask who are the new residents moving into these neighborhoods, but more importantly how the people who remain in the neighborhood are affect by the change brought…

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  • Park Slope

    With real estate prices in Manhattan skyrocketing, Park Slope has become an attractive alternative for young professionals and families. This has revitalized the neighborhood, with businesses moving in to compete for Brooklyn’s dollars. Where once Brooklyn was the butt of jokes, now it represents opportunity. It is this opportunity that developer Bruce Ratner hoped to exploit with the New York metropolitan area’s newest venue for sports and entertainment, the Barclay Center, the centerpiece…

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  • Changes In The Park Slope Neighborhood

    Changes in the Park Slope Neighborhood Research Question: What are some long-term effects the changes in the commercially centralized area of Park Slope, specifically 5th and 7th ave, have on its residents? How do these effects change the overall view one has on their own neighborhood compared to what outsiders believe? Research Proposal: Long-term effects in Park Slope differ when looking from the view of one resident to the next. Growing up and adapting to the changes is different when it…

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  • The Importance Of Project Based Learning

    I plotted 2 points in Desmos, (2 toppings, 13.85) and (4 toppings, 16.99), both are medium pizzas. I asked students to get the price per topping which is the slope and subtract it two times from $13.85 to get the base price or the y-intercept. We tested the equation by opening the website of pizza hut. Students are able to compare the prices as well as qualities of the pizza stores. In this activity I was able to engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using…

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  • Physician Aid In Dying And Euthanasia Essay

    included PAD and voluntary euthanasia. For instance, one argument is that allowing PAD and voluntary euthanasia will progress towards an acceptance of involuntary euthanasia and PAS. Slippery slope arguments are known to be logical fallacies, however, the legal precedents from other countries highlight the potential for apparent mission creep in end-of-life care and the vigilance necessary if we as a society deem PAS and involuntary euthanasia to be unethical. Dr. Vermeersch, a Belgian…

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  • Judith Thomson's Arguments Against Abortion

    conception is does not allow an anti-abortion argument any more validity. I believe Miss Thomson to be mistaken in all cases and therefore will refute some of what she has to offer. Miss Thomson starts her paper with an attempt to dismantle her opposition’s credibility so that she sounds more credible herself. She states that all the arguments anti-abortionists have proposed a slippery slope fallacy. However, all she has done here is to have made an anecdotal statement about how no one can…

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  • Analysis Of J. Gay-Williams The Wrongfulness Of Euthanasia

    through three rudiments that, in his opinion, an act must meet to be called euthanasia: 1)A life is taken; 2) The person whose life is taken is believed to be suffering from a disease or injury from which he cannot reasonably be expected to recover, and 3) The taking of the life must be deliberate and intentional. He had a variety of concerns: That euthanasia does violence to the natural goal of survival, it violates God 's commandments and acts against God who is the rightful owner of our body;…

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  • My Experience In Law Enforcement

    treat the ones who serve and support their fellow humans in such ways as second class citizens that do not deserve the benefit of the doubt? We are all indebted to those who have given their lives to protect the innocence of man. They have given us so many freedoms; our ability to walk down the street, go into a store, buy some milk, and then bring it back home in peace therefore making it possible for us and our loved ones by their sacrifices. When learning ask the questions, ask the what if,…

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  • Arguments For Euthanasia Essay

    very persistent man making one wonder why he developed such a way to die. Kevorkian served eight years in prison for second-degree murder. By serving that time it had proven as a physician those lives he had helped meant something. 6. Describe the 'slippery slope ' argument of physician-assisted suicide. A slippery slope argument is when one topic is being asserted, but it can quickly be turned around. The topic of physician-assisted suicide is a very slippery slope because a conversation of…

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  • Margaret Battin Euthanasia Analysis

    die the simple and truthful fact is that it would cost less and leave more for others. Battin lists some numbers such as; the cost for the upkeep of a coma patient in a nursing home for a full year is approximately 15,000, and a case in 1956 of a 27-year-old women who had an accident, over the course of 18 more years cost 6,000,000 to keep alive. (Battin, 232). These are alarming numbers. This money could have good to so many other things, rather than keep a hopeless cause alive. Another…

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