Differences Of Authoritative Parenting Styles

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Who we become is greatly impacted by how we were raised. Through the different modules, one thing we have learned is that our environment plays a critical role in shaping who become as adults. This is greatly a result of how we are raised by our parents. After interviewing two different mothers to better understand their parenting styles, I came to the conclusion that both had a lot of similarities in the way they are raising their children. Both of them are what are considered as Authoritative parenting. In total there are four categories with sub categories; authoritarian, democratic, neglecting, and permissive. We will be taking a closer look at each one individually and comparing each style. The first parenting style that we will be looking at is what is referred to as an authoritarian style. Parents who fall under this category are very strict and do not care to listen to their children’s opinions – it’s their way or no way. Children that grow up with this style of parenting often times will follow the rules set forth, however, because they are not permitted to make …show more content…
This parent is loving, very involved in the life of child/children, however, they are unable to establish rules for their children at the same time. This style of parenting is easy going and is more of a friend than a parent to their children. The children prefer to talk to them about their lives, but the parents offers little to now advice on bad behaviors. Children who are raised in this environment show difficulties academically. Also, they exhibit more behavioral challenges because they were not shown the consequences of bad behaviors. As a result, the signs of a permissive parent are as follows: the parent does not set a schedule; allows the kid to be a kid, the child’s freedom is more important than responsibility, there are hardly any rules, and it’s left up to the child to ask for help instead of the parent checking to see if the child needs

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