The Correct Parenting Styles Influence Your Children's Future?

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Parents have a hard job. Parents have to ensure that they raise these little people in an environment full of temptation. There are some parenting styles that parents will have to master. The styles are authoritative strict parents, the permissive that agrees and wants to be their child’s best friend and neglectful parents that forget about their children. Therefore, selecting the correct parenting style will influence your children future.
An authoritative parents has been is documented as being the most effective parenting style today. The children in the household must have structure, so the children will know when and where events will take place. The children will have a routine with sleep and homework time and so on (Mgbemere and Telles).
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Neglectful parents are parents that do not give their children attention and displays of affection. Children need attention and displays of affection to grow as a human (Mgbemere and Telles). Children who are often neglected tend to turn alcohol and substance abuse, violence, suicidal thoughts... (Hunter 5). Parents should be aware of how much time that you spend away from their children whether it is due to work, running errands, or just out of the house. Just being in the same room, as your child does not mean parents are not neglecting their children, parents must constantly be a part of their children’s lives, and interact with them. Moreover, ask them about their day and friends.
Permissive parenting is parents treating their children as equals, meaning that their children are on the same adult level as them (Mgbemere and Telles). Besides delegating authority, the parents will ask the children to complete a project or bride them gifts to do chores. These children often will disobey the law and authoritative figures such as teachers. This style of parenting is just below neglectful parenting because your children are not seeing a parent as an authority figure, but as a best

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